eSchoolView: Content Management System Made Easy and Accessible for Schools

Rob O’Leary, Co-owner
With an increase in the number of schools and colleges across the nation, efforts have increased to create breakthrough management solutions to increase the system’s efficiency. However, in the education sector, discovering the right content management solution remains an exigent task. eSchoolView makes the task simple with its robust solution that creates custom websites for K-12 schools based on a Content Management System (CMS) and builds education management software. “We are a cost-effective solution that builds websites and education management software to improve efficiency of resources,” states Rob O’Leary, Co-owner, and Executive Director, eSchoolView.

From design and development to data migration to hosting, eSchoolView handles the entire technical process for their clients, who can focus completely on developing educational environments for their students and staffs. With a wide ranged product series, the company also assists schools in telling their stories, engaging with families, and sharing information with communities. “Our business model is dependent upon providing services that increase efficiency and save resources for schools, districts and educational organizations across the country,” says O’Leary. To fulfill the diversified needs of clients, eSchoolView key innovations include Facilities Management, Parent Portal, Online Forms, Instant Connect, Learn, Event Registration, School Store, and Responsive Platform. “Our team is able to build cost-effective tailored websites through the CMS platform. Our clients realize significant sav-ings because the time-consuming process of building the backend of a site is eliminated,” he adds.

The team has also developed a new tool— OneView —to enhance data integration. “School districts can use OneView to read and push data back into various student information systems (SIS), such as ProgressBook from Software Answers, PowerSchool or Infinite Campus, helping them increase internal efficiency and parent engagement through one login,” explains O’Leary. The tool will act as a one-stop solution for data management.

Another highlighting factor is eSchoolView’s cloud-based hosting solution—provided for more than 1500 schools.
“We have a Tier 4 Data Center that guarantees 99.995 percent availability/uptime and a Tier 3 Center that guarantees 99.98 percent. Since we are a cloud-based system, we routinely enhance the software which removes one more level of maintenance for our clients,” adds O’Leary.

Many of eSchoolView’s products are created directly from customer feedback. During one instance, eSchoolView was hosting services for a leading school in Ohio district with more than 15,500 students, 1,800 employees, and 25 facilities, for more than three years. Being one of the highest performing school systems, the school wanted to centralize the usage management of their facilities and athletic complexes.

“They were looking to prevent double bookings, sharing of guarantee rental agreements and ensure associated costs were collected, not to mention improve customer service with timely replies to users,” elaborates O’Leary. eSchoolView developed its Facilities Management software with CMS integration exclusively for this project. “We’ve continued to enhance the product, which now includes a work order feature, ties into Schedule Star (athletic event software) and can accept credit card payments,” he adds.

We are a cost-effective solution that builds websites and education management software to improve efficiency of resources

With a clear vision of creating affordable and efficient solutions for the ever-changing education sector, eSchoolView believes in leveraging technology for further advancements of their solutions. “We aim to create a name that clearly defined what we provide: a web presence for school districts through which they can provide a clear and transparent view of their system by sharing information with their stakeholders,” O’Leary signs off.


Columbus, OH

Rob O’Leary, Co-owner and Grant Wright, Co-owner & CTO

Creating custom websites for K-12 schools based on a Content Management System (CMS).