eSignLive: Taking Business Digital with E-Signatures

Tommy Petrogiannis President & Co-Founder
Business process digitization is an important core component of digital transformation within an organization. Digitization starts by eliminating paper, which is what people and processes often fall to when a signature is required. Enabling this transition is eSignLive, the e-signature choice for business and a wholly owned subsidiary of VASCO Data Security International, which provides authentication, electronic signatures and identity management. “E-signatures are the linchpin that ensures business processes stay 100 percent digital. With eSignLive, we not only help our businesses become digital but also ensure the signing experience is intuitive and enjoyable for the end customer,” begins Tommy Petrogiannis, Co-Founder and President, eSignLive.

Available in the cloud and onpremises, eSignLive offers a scalable e-signature solution to support an organization’s digital transformation strategy across the enterprise while automating any process–from the simplest, internal signing workflow to the most complex, customer-facing transactions. Businesses are leveraging their CRM system to engage customers and seamlessly collaborate with internal stakeholders. eSignLive extends the reach of CRM to provide a quick and easy way to prepare, manage and send documents directly from their system and store these alongside customer information, activities and conversations. eSignLive for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an addin that enables business professionals to quickly obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures for any document without ever leaving this popular CRM system.

“Our relationship with Microsoft dates back to 1994 when we introduced the first e-signature plug-in for Microsoft Office to help businesses apply electronic signatures to Word and Excel documents,” says Petrogiannis. “Using eSignLive for Dynamics CRM, teams can get documents signed natively from Dynamics CRM.” Unlike other e-signature vendors that provide loosely integrated solutions, eSignLive offers a fully embedded and thus familiar experience for Dynamics CRM users. Users can also send multiple documents, define the signing order and choose the most appropriate authentication method to deliver the best signing experience possible, all while reducing manual data entry with two-way data flow, essentially completely digitizing what is currently an analog process.

Using ‘eSignLive’ for Dynamics CRM, teams can prepare, manage and send documents for e-signature directly in Dynamics CRM

eSignLive continues to invest in capabilities to help businesses fast track their digital transformation initiatives, including a mobile optimized signing experience and the ability to fully customize e-signature workflows inside Dynamics CRM. eSignLive helps regulated organizations of all sizes and keeps their processes digital while managing every aspect of the signing processes to ensure electronic contracts are enforceable, compliant and secure. “We are the only provider in our space to successfully complete the rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 and FedRAMP security audits, ensuring that the eSignLive service is protected against unauthorized access and use at all times,” agreed Petrogiannis.

eSignLive focuses on regulated markets including banking, insurance, government and healthcare as pressure builds to deliver an improved customer experience and stay compliant in the digital domain. For instance, U.S. Bank was facing the problem of streamlining account openings and SMB loans across 3,000 branches in a way that would improve the customer experience. By implementing eSignLive e-signatures and creating an end-to-end digital process, U.S. Bank was able to e-sign and process 460,000 documents each week and generate an annual savings of a quarter of a million dollars.

“One of the reasons eSignLive isn’t a household name is one of our differentiators–we enable our customers to fully white label the e-sign process to put the spotlight on their brand. It’s like ‘Intel Inside’–eSignLive is trusted by top banks, insurers and government organizations around the world and if you’ve ever e-signed a mortgage document or account opening, you’ve likely used our software and didn’t even know it,” concludes Petrogiannis.


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Tommy Petrogiannis President & Co-Founder

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