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Jaison Dolvane, Director, President & CEO
The hype on cord-cutting attitudes are mounting pressures on operators to constantly provide the best in class quality, experience and economic viability in their services. These cable companies consequently consider shifting to other areas such as broadband and mobile, especially due to the amount of investments video services require. Right when, there may be operators focusing on broadband, there might be a real opportunity in investing in video. A leading market research and consulting company, Parks Associates report suggests that there is a shift that is already happening with regards to OTT subscribers returning back to living room. “Espial is changing the definition of traditional TV by disrupting the economics of investment in video,” begins Jaison Dolvane, CEO of Canada-based Espial. The firm allows the cable companies to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as their go-to approach, which can fundamentally change the risk equation related to investment in the video space.

Espial provides an array of cloud-based video solutions. However, its flagship product, Elevate—a SaaS-based internet protocol television (IPTV) platform—stands out owing to several reasons. Elevate is a highly innovative solution that assures numerous benefits to operators such as a fully managed video services model that supports software, infrastructure, and services while offering operators significant control over their services via a web portal. The platform also enables consumers to experience an unmatched user experience (UX) and award-winning user interface (UI) across any video transmission network such as quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), IP, and over-the-top (OTT), on a digital device of their choice. “We recognize that while video operators can control and manage their video services using an operator portal, a SaaS-based platform allows them to focus on accelerating their business’s growth. Subsequently, with Elevate, we offer small to medium operators a cost-efficient TV-as-a-Service solution,” adds Dolvane.

Elevate digitally transforms operators’ video delivery services from the ground up. This allows the company to cater to multiple segments of customers in the most efficient manner. Designed as a multi-tenant solution, it provides a fundamentally disruptive commercial approach to distributors rather than traditional “build it” models.

Elevate offers a fully managed video services model to operators to completely support software, infrastructure, and services, while offering them control over their services via a web portal

Most importantly, Elevate significantly lowers the cost, time to revenue, and the risk of leveraging SaaS for video delivery when compared to the existing traditional models such as cable or satellite connections. Additionally, Elevate’s flexibility, economic viability, and innovation velocity are factors that make it a preferred solution for clients. “This TV-as-a-Service model is truly disruptive, allowing operators to maintain a close relationship with consumers through video services delivery while reducing investment costs,” says Dolvane.

Owing to a multitude of such capabilities, the firm has successfully deployed Elevate for over 30 operators across the U.S. and Canada. Espial is also continuously upgrading its video solutions to ensure a sustained and exponential business growth for distributors. The company has also been releasing upgrades for its IPTV solution on a regular basis to extend more capabilities to its customers.

Espial envisions employing next-gen technologies such as machine learning and intuitive designs to help cable operators deliver appealing video services to all segments of consumers including millennials. The company also recognizes increasing demands for IPTV services in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Japan, and is working on developing ground-breaking solutions to transform the future of the video industry in these regions. Espial is a trustworthy solution video delivery provider owing to its long history in providing video solutions across 50 million devices. Espial solutions are used by over 100 video service providers and device manufacturers across US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Espial News

Espial and Harmonic Partner to Provide Complete End-to-End TVaaS

Anaheim, Calif: Espial is announcing a partnership with Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video technology and services. Through this partnership, Espial’s Elevate SaaS video platform will fully integrate Harmonic’s VOS™360 media processing SaaS, providing MVPDs with a turn-key end-to-end solution which will give them the ability to launch new IP and OTT services quickly, risk-free, and with minimal investment.

The fully integrated offering enables control, processing, and delivery of video content and services to a broad range of devices – from set-top boxes, to media players like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire, to Smart TVs and mobile devices.

Espial’s Elevate SaaS video platform uniquely enables video services with a focus on management and control of video services, client applications, and user experience. Elevate provides operators with cloud tools for their operations, product, marketing, and engineering teams, enabling operators to grow their revenues by reducing churn, addressing underserved markets, and opening new revenue opportunities.

Harmonic’s VOS360 SaaS unifies the entire media processing chain, from ingest to transcoding, encryption, packaging, and origin. Hosted on leading public cloud infrastructure platforms, VOS360 SaaS makes it easy to prepare and deliver content from anywhere in the world. The integrated solution allows MVPDs to offer services ranging from app-based TV across a variety of consumer devices, to low cost IP set-top offerings, to cable set-top based services.

Rich Fickle, CEO & President, National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), said:

"Consumers today demand the ability to view content on any device, from anywhere. Espial’s Elevate SaaS video platform, together with Harmonic’s VOS™360 solution, addresses some important requirements of our members, who need to reduce cost, risk, and time to market on new IPTV and app-based TV services. Espial and Harmonic continue to provide innovative and valuable solutions for our service provider members, helping them to retain and grow their subscriber base in an increasingly competitive industry. NCTC is pleased to have both companies exhibiting at The Independent Show, and working together to meet the needs of our member companies.”

Gary Shorman, President & CEO, Eagle Communications, said:

"As an existing Espial customer, we’ve seen Espial increase the pace of innovation on its Elevate SaaS video platform – with content from Netflix, YouTube, voice support with Alexa, new user experiences and cloud tools. As an operator using the Espial Elevate SaaS video platform, we see significant value in being able to use a single solution that powers Cable, IPTV and app-based TV services. We are pleased to see Espial continue to lead the way on IP and OTT services to a variety of devices through initiatives such as this partnership with Harmonic.”

Eric Armstrong, Vice President, SaaS Solutions, Harmonic, said:

“Both Harmonic and Espial have been offering next-gen IPTV and OTT services for years, and together we have an extensive list of customers who are powering millions of active subscribers and devices. Working together, we are now able to offer operators a fully-integrated solution that is proven at scale, and can help operators quickly launch next-gen video services.”

Jaison Dolvane, CEO of Espial, said:

“MVPDs need to address the needs of various subscriber segments — from millennials and premium subscribers, to traditional users, and more – in order to remain relevant and competitive. The ability to price, package, segment and analyze their various offerings is critical to avoid churn, retain subscribers and grow revenues. Getting to market quickly and risk-free, using TVaaS solutions, allows operators to focus their resources on selling, improving business metrics through data, and optimizing their services offerings.”

Eagle Communications Moves Forward Signing Elevate SaaS Agreement with Espial

Ottawa, Canada: Espial announced that Eagle Communications, a leading provider of high-speed internet, digital TV, telephone, and commercial services based in Hays, Kansas has signed an agreement to license Espial’s Elevate SaaS video platform. With Elevate, video customers get a branded intuitive experience, advanced voice control, and easy access to OTT services including Netflix and YouTube.

“Elevate allows us to enhance the experience of our video customers, while providing greater flexibility in how we deliver those experiences now and in the future.” said Travis Kohlrus, General Manager, Broadband Division of Eagle Communications. “The steady rhythm of innovation being driven on Elevate helps us increase customer engagement and satisfaction while being mindful of controlling our expenses.”

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Eagle Communications to help enhance and enrich their customers’ entertainment experience,” said Matt James, Espial’s vice president of North America sales. “The video industry is in the middle of a significant shift in which Pay TV operators face unprecedented competition. With Elevate, operators of any size can have affordable access to the latest features that customers love, across a variety of traditional and next-generation platforms.”

Espial Launches Android TVaaS Solution for Video Service Providers

Espial announced a TV-as-a-Service (TVaaS) solution for Android TV, including support for Android TV Operator Tier set-top boxes and Android TV retail devices. The Android TV solution is powered by the Elevate Cloud IPTV Platform.

The TVaaS solution provides customers with an Android TV Leanback launcher that comes with a set of video services such as LiveTV, Video on Demand, Time-Shift TV and Network DVR. Also included is voice navigation, personalized discovery, content posters, and universal search across OTT apps, all powered by Android TV.

The cloud control is intended for operator-specific branding and promotional campaigns, while data visualization and analytics show patterns and trends that drive data-based decisions.

Espial’s Elevate Cloud IPTV Platform has a fully managed software lifecycle for Android TV upgrades and integration with device partners. This allows users to quickly deploy innovations from the Google and Android TV network. There is also a 24/7/365 Network Operating Center (NOC) that helps mitigate risks and manages millions of active devices.

“We have tapped into the latest functionality from Google and have combined it with our operational depth and experience to offer a TV-as-a-Service solution for Android TV,” says Michael McCluskey, VP Product management of Espial. “By integrating Android TV into our Elevate cloud ecosystem, operators can bring Android TV services to market quickly and with low risk, while taking advantage of the latest innovations.”


Ottawa, ON

Jaison Dolvane, Director, President & CEO

Offers TV as a Service solution, Elevate, which is a complete IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) solution hosted on the cloud