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Espresso Moon Leadership Team
As the world moves toward a mobile-first approach, industries and businesses look for applications that deliver greater efficiencies, reduce cost and manpower, and streamline organizational workflows. Doug Wheeler, President and Chief Project Architect of Espresso Moon says, “The key to successful mobile business applications correlates with how well a solution brings out the essence of the organization.”

Wheeler cites a recent Espresso Moon project in which the company was tasked with designing a mobile inspection app for a corporate housing firm. The firm must verify that the apartments it places its guests in are ready for move-in prior to their arrival. Each property must be inspected and ensured that the utilities are turned on, the property is in perfect condition, and that it is stocked with all the furnishings and housewares their guests need. The app allows the firm to easily assign inspections, and streamline the work of uploading inspection reports to the company’s web-based portal. Espresso Moon helped name the app, designed a brand identity for it, and delivered a turnkey product that showcases state-of-the-art UI design. The app is expected to reduce labor costs associated with managing property inspections by as much as 75 percent, and help position the corporate housing firm at the top of the market.

Espresso Moon’s portfolio is built on three pillars; Wheeler’s software design skill set, Director of Marketing and Creative Services Tim Johnson’s brand design expertise, and Vice President of Sales and Operations, Scott Blankenship’s proficiency in project management. Espresso Moon derives its name from the late night coffees that kept them awake during the company’s early days. Since then, it has come a long way in delivering custom business software, mobile application development, website design, and e-commerce solutions. Espresso Moon has cemented its foothold in the market by streamlining client business operations and enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes.
The company focuses primarily on Business-to-Business (B2B) applications and understands the distinctive requirements of its clients through various due diligence processes. “We go in and analyze business processes to visualize deliverables before working on them. By building detailed wireframes and project plans, we allow our clients’ brand and product goals to determine how the end product will turn out,” adds Johnson. Espresso Moon also provides application hosting, web hosting, and maintenance programs.

Espresso Moon helps businesses stay competitive in a mobile-friendly environment. “People expect newer applications to be intuitive and engaging while achieving their business objectives. They need to figure out how to use these applications without having to pull out an instruction manual, and we are good at delivering just that,” explains Blankenship.

The company recently developed a mobile app for a client that provides dash cameras and body cams for law enforcement officers. Since the cameras were already deployed, Espresso Moon had the task of building an app that integrated with existing peripherals. Video data often serves as evidence in criminal and civil cases, so the app has to maintain a secure chain of custody as the data moves from police officers to attorneys, all the way to the presentation in court. Espresso Moon’s application wirelessly synchronizes with the body cameras and provides remote monitoring and control of the hardware. It allows police to view, categorize, and archive the data. Today, the application is on the brink of a second overhaul with better performance features.

Numerous such accomplishments have earned Espresso Moon well-deserved recognition in the business and industrial marketplace. The company aspires to help organizations transition from outdated process and data management practices to more efficient systems by providing mobile-friendly applications to a broader demographic.

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Espresso Moon Leadership Team and Doug Wheeler, President & Chief Project Architect

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