EST Group: Automating and Securing Identity Access

Tim Spires, President
User account provisioning is important for enterpris¬es seeking to reduce the administrative workload of account management. “Today, the growth rate of applications and data is significantly higher in comparison to the preceding years,” begins Tim Spires, President, EST Group. This pro¬liferation of data and lack of integration across disparate sources is concerning for enterprises. As a result, enterprises lack complete visibility into their work¬force. To eliminate these complexities and limitations, EST Group provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that integrate data from multiple sources and automate the management of digital identities. “We want to be a one-stop shop for our cus-tomers to secure, integrate, and store data,” says Spires.

IAM provides users with the ability to gain clarity and security of digital identities in a growing network. The solution automates the management of digital identities, account provisioning, de-provisioning, role based resource access, and bi-directional exchange of user information by ensuring the integrity of data. “When you can automate a process, you make it much more secure,” says Spires. In an integrated environment, IAM ensures better security access while providing complete auditability and reduced support burden on the staff. With these capabilities on-board, IAM allows every business to adhere to their security and regulatory compliance requirements.

Automating user account provisioning is beneficial for enterprises. However, when an employee leaves the company, the access to confidential data should be revoked instantly. “From an identity management standpoint, IAM can not only automate access to applications and services, but when an employee resigns, it also automatically de-provisions access to the data,” says Spires. The de-provisioning capability of IAM saves a tremendous amount of time when compared to the traditional manual process that has security loopholes. “With IAM, CIOs can be more effective in enforcing security policies and providing information access to the right person at the right time,” states Spires.

We want to be a one-stop shop for our customers to secure, integrate, and store data

To ensure integrity and security of user accounts, EST Group follows a five step procedure including education, evaluation, procurement, implementation, and training and support. The company understands customers’ requirements and educates clients on the options available in the market to integrate and secure their business processes. It also helps enterprises setup product demonstrations and meetings with vendors to ensure honest and relevant product demonstrations. EST Group provides a high performance infrastructure to run applications and simultaneously develop a flexible and secure framework of accessibility.

In one instance, a convenience store chain was investing immensely in training managers by sending them to the headquarters from dispersed store locations. To reduce the training costs, the convenience store implemented IAM which enabled users to gain accessibility to training modules with a browser and secure login credentials from anywhere. The implementation saved around $30,000 per training session by eliminating the travel costs.

Moving ahead, EST Group is growing at a rate of 80 percent per year and has plans to expand to Nashville and Oklahoma City in the near future. According to Spires, “people are the key to success,” and he acknowledges the significance of a great team in a rapidly growing company. “Our mission is to provide the best experience our customers, partners and employees have ever had with a consulting company— our customers refer to this as the EST Group Experience,” concludes Spires.

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