EstiNet Technologies: Transforming Network Operating Systems to Increase Efficiency

Mike Lin, CEO
Even though Software Defined Network (SDN) as a technology has been a huge sensation in the IT sector, numerous large and mid-sized companies still struggle to cope with their network and communication systems. To bridge this Gap, EstiNet, a developer of software-defined networking (SDN) products and solutions is helping numerous firms in configuring their networking and communication systems. The company leverages open-source community to create an open-architecture platform that has helped the company to succeed in stepping into the SDN landscape with vertically-linked partners. “EstiNet ensures its commercial-grade quality by comprehensive integration tests and assimilates value-added ingredients into this open platform,” says Mike Lin, CEO, EstiNet.

Headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, EstiNet vertically collaborates with bare-metal box vendors and switch Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) vendors to deliver highly-integrated SDN solutions for customers from various sectors. The company’s key network orchestration platform, EstiNet SDN Core, vertically integrates higher-layer Cloud Orchestrator with lower-layer switch manufacturer and ASIC vendors. EstiNet SDN Core is based on open-source SDN projects—Open Daylight and Open Network Operating System—for creating a platform which is capable of accommodating partners’ implementations.

To expedite SDN R&D in the industry, EstiNet has released its flagship software, EstiNet 9.0, a Network Simulator that replicates an effectual system consisting of multiple virtual network devices, such as OpenFlow switches. With its unique design architecture, EstiNet 9.0 allows network application software to directly run on a virtual network. In addition, EstiNet 9.0 has a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) to help clients quickly configure a virtual network and observe the simulation results such as packet routing path selection and data delivery ratio, etc. “With these features, EstiNet 9.0 is suitable for network protocol/application development and performance evaluation, and the GUI also helps in network education owing to visualized packet transmission behavior,” affirms Lin.

EstiNet 9.0 Network Simulator can emulate network devices’ packet forwarding behavior and packet transmission protocols.
The network simulator is suitable for estimating the performance for a variety of network procedures and applications. For Instance, EstiNet 9.0 Network Simulator helped Taiwan’s largest ASIC vendor to create their own SDN ASIC C-model simulation platform. On another occasion, Taiwan’s largest research institute, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) started using EstiNet 9.0 Network Simulator to create their own LTE access network with SDN Core network simulation platform. Additionally, EstiNet has also catered to some of Taiwan’s main enterprises and telecoms such as Alcatel Lucent, ChungHwa Telecom, and Far EasTone Telecom.

Being a staunch advocate of organized team work and connectivity, Lin believes that rapid synchronization among team members is indispensable for executing any task. Incorporating the same ideology to drive EstiNet, Lin and his team of experts have eradicated innumerable hurdles faced by numerous large and mid-sized organizations through highly-integrated SDN solutions for customers from cloud data centers, Telecom companies and enterprises.

EstiNet ensures its commercialgrade quality by comprehensive integration tests and integrating value-added ingredients into this open platform

Moving ahead, the company plans to improve their technology by releasing an improved version of EstiNet SDN Core with their EstiNet 10 Network Simulator to co-form a virtualized SDN network with real-world open-source SDN applications. Using this environment, R&D and system testing can be done with absolute time control and thus delivered with accurate results. Furthermore, EstiNet will soon link with Taiwan’s ICT hardware manufacturing industry, to deliver quality robust ICT products with agility.

EstiNet Technologies

Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan

Mike Lin, CEO

Provides integrated SDN solution and operational analytics software that offers near real-time correlation, analytics and visualization across legacy and modern software orchestrated environment