Estuate: Delivering 360 Degree View of Customer's Internal and External Data

Prakash Balebail, CEO
Sixteen years of experience at Oracle gave Prakash Balebail, CEO of Estuate, the insight into why many projects at companies fail. “I observed that people who implemented the project were often not aligned with the business users and sometimes they were not even qualified enough to handle the project. This impacted the whole project implementation process, and the customers who have to pay for poor execution,” says Balebail. Seeing a need to address this, Balebail founded Estuate in 2005, to offer technically proficient and responsive services with strong business acumen, that are high value and cost effective for its clients.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Estuate is a global information technology services company that provides costeffective solutions to software companies and IT organizations. It leverages the latest server hardware and storage devices to implement, integrate and test Big Data and believes in an open and honest assessment of the customer’s needs unlike many companies that have a preset agenda to sell licenses or provide services. “If we think customers do not need any solution, we simply clarify that, without taking money from them. We evaluate customer issues and then find solutions for them,” says Roger Nessier, Vice President, Client Management, Estuate.

We cover the entire aspect of Big Data—not only with technology but also with implementation, maintenance support, management and ongoing improvement

Estuate has a deep understanding of Big Data products and technologies such as InfiniteGraph, Hadoop, OpenStack, Hyperscale Cloud, Mongo as well as IBM BigInsights and HP Vertica. It offers Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions starting with a proof of concept to facilitate an understanding of business need. The company’s experience with the leading industry databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2 allows Estuate to complete Big Data implementations that merge structured and unstructured data. The company also offers full-system audits and ongoing support and the audit covers design, memory management, monitoring, cluster configuration, data schema design, network topology, resource management, back up and load balancing. “We cover the entire aspect of Big Data—not only with technology but also with implementation, maintenance support, management and on-going improvement,” says Balebail.

To help clients achieve increased ROI and customer satisfaction, Estuate partners with IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce. It takes business-centric consulting approach and with its in-house expertise and Big Data lab, and helps its customers create Big Data solutions tailored to their industry and businessrequirement and fine-tune those solutions over time. Estuate serves a broad customer base such as Sprint, Samsung, Freddie Mac, Accenture, HP and IBM across different verticals including Telecom, Government, Healthcare and Information Technology Services. For example, Sprint, a provider of wireless services in telecom industry, wanted to detect fraud to mitigate multitude of threats. By analyzing call data and customer data with IBM’s BigInsights, Estuate helped Sprint analyze customer data patterns to identify fraudulent use.

Estuate focuses on providing customized solutions ranging from simple to complex that can make maximum impact with minimum investment. “Estuate focuses on building deep relationships with enterprise software companies through product engineering, and by providing implementation and custom application development services to customers,” says Balebail.

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Sunnyvale, CA

Prakash Balebail, CEO

Provides project- based cost-effective solutions to software companies and large IT organizations.