ETI Software Solutions: Carrier Class IP Broadband Solutions to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Peter M. Pifer, Chairman and CEO
Network automation has been a distant dream for telecom providers who serve the crowded broadband market. Gone are the days of POTS (plain old telephone service) and hard switches—in order to be competitive, telecom providers must convert to internet protocol (IP) based services for video, voice and data. However, the diverse technologies necessary to operate these complex systems can make even the simplest tasks –such as order fulfillment and billing–a quagmire of manual processing. Human error leads to higher customer churn that can directly affect revenue.

Enter ETI Software Solutions—a global provider of end–to-end software solutions designed specifically for broadband service providers who manage multi-vendor systems. The company’s enterprise software combines automated flow-through provisioning for multiple back-end technologies with spatial analytics to streamline operational efficiency. “We have pre-built scalable software that integrates and automates provisioning of different technologies used to deliver all IP services,” explains Pete Pifer, CEO and Chairman of ETI Software.

The core of Overture, ETI’s next-gen solution, is the operations support systems (OSS) product that incorporates all the devices, services and management for every service location and subscriber. ETI has single sign on modules, authentication, billing and customer care modules that are pre-integrated and can be deployed at a customer location, based on their current and future requirements. “The advantage of our business and software model is that we have the same code base deployed at every customer site. Activating software to provision a new technology or to manage another piece of a business is really more of a training exercise than writing up a custom software exercise,” asserts Pifer.

From a competitive perspective, ETI’s customers achieve real-time provisioning of services, delivered to subscribers through multiple technologies. “It is our software that instantly provisions the voice technology, fiber technology, DSL, video, service routers and gateways,” said Pifer.
“And today’s providers must also manage subscriber-owned devices, like cell phones, laptops and tablets. We coordinate and deliver these services to ensure the devices are secure and authorized to receive content.”

For instance, when Frontier Communications, one of the largest telecommunications service provider in the United States - acquired 200,000 subscribers from Verizon, they called on ETI to help integrate completely new technologies into their overall billing and OSS architecture. The subscribers purchased from Verizon were spread across a myriad of states and supported by multiple FTTH technologies. “Our job was to work with Frontier to figure out a way, in the time allotted, to successfully take full control of these subscribers in all respects: billing, provisioning, monitoring, and to do so with as little disruption as possible to the customers involved,” explained Frank Gine, ETI President and COO.

The future of telecom providers lies in their ability to evolve into an all IP-based service delivery method that takes advantage of integrated and automated B/OSS platforms

Looking ahead, ETI is focused on delivering its new array of solutions to the IoT market through a new brand: Beamfly. “For over 20 years, ETI has mirrored the growth of the telecommunications industry,” concluded Pifer. “We have a proven, turnkey IoT solution for service providers servicing the various verticals in addition to telecom.” ETI plans to turn yet another dream into reality.

ETI Software Solutions

Norcross, GA

Peter M. Pifer, Chairman and CEO and Frank Gine, President and COO

A provider of end-to-end software solution designed specifically for broadband service providers, who manage complex, multi-vendor systems