EtQ, Inc: Ensuring Quality and Compliance through Cloud Technology

Morgan Palmer, CTO
With the advancement of technologies, many organizations across verticals are taking rapid strides towards improving their business processes and scalability. In this scenario, cloud technology is proving to be one of the most befitting solutions, helping organizations to augment their operational efficiency and agility. “There is a finite limit to what kind of infrastructure they can support internally, which is why there is a focus towards adding cloud technology to the solution ecosystem,” says Morgan Palmer, CTO, EtQ. “Organizations perceive the cloud as a viable option for their business’ ascent and our solutions for compliance have been a perfect fit into our clients' strategy.” Based in Farmingdale, New York, EtQ enables compliance and process automation in the cloud, using leading solutions to meet the stringent requirements companies look for in their cloud deployment.

Many organizations are reluctant to share all of their information with their suppliers due to security issues. In order to curb such intricacies, EtQ’s Reliance Cloud Portal provides a secure point for suppliers and customers to have access to the information that is critical to them. Additionally, the cloud portal provides connectivity within and outside of the organization, while connecting the entire supply and value chain. Additionally, the company's solutions are designed to help organizations achieve an exceptional level of compliance for their business. These solutions include Quality Management, Environmental Health and Safety Management and Regulatory Compliance. “Our solutions are structured to automate the business processes associated with these operational areas, and we provide a fully-configurable, flexible solution to help them identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk events within their compliance processes,” explains Palmer.

The company also provides configurable workflow as a part of their solutions. This solution allows the user to configure elements such as fields, forms, keywords and workflow without programming. “It puts the power of technology in the hands of the business user, and it has been strongly acclaimed by customers over the years,” he adds. The modules and processes are tightly integrated to enable one process to seamlessly link to the next, while creating more visibility and traceability from beginning to end.

One of EtQ’s greatest advancements around its cloud deployments technology is its Reliance Cloud Portal

“One of EtQ’s greatest advancements around its cloud deployments technology is the EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal,” says Palmer. This solution leverages cloud environments to enable customers to securely and seamlessly bridge the gap between their internal compliance operations, and their suppliers and customers.

To note one of EtQ’s customer success stories, a consumer products firm approached EtQ to seek technical assistance in interacting with their suppliers on quality management issues. However, the customer wanted a viable solution that would limit suppliers from having access to the organization’s internal information.

By setting up the EtQ Reliance cloud portal, the customer was able to extend its quality processes to its supplier without sacrificing security. “Whenever they needed to interact with a supplier, they would push the records to the cloud portal, and the supplier would automatically be notified,” describes Palmer. As a result, the customer saved time and significantly increased productivity.

In the days to come, EtQ will continue to keep its focus as customer-based company and will further expand its operations globally, while taking calculated risks and developing new technologies.

EtQ, Inc

Farmingdale, NY

Morgan Palmer, CTO

EtQ provides best-in-class integrated modules and enterprise application integration to manage and measure quality and compliance processes, and execute organizational change.