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CIO VendorJim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager
From the early days of digital rolodexes and databases to today’s SaaS powerhouses, CRM technology has been changing the way sales and customer services operate. Integrating CRM and marketing automation is a key step to the success for any business, whether it’s a small agency or a large enterprise. Customers and successful marketers are also looking for better quality data as it is important to their strategy. Founded in 2005, eTrigue provides easy-to-use marketing automation solutions to help customers identify hot leads that will lead to more sales.

Offering the most sophisticated lead generation integration with Salesforce, eTrigue enables powerful and unprecedented synergy between marketing programs, inside sales follow-up, territory management and pipeline forecasts and analytics. The sales team can even add prospects and leads on their own with eTrigue’s granular ability to push single records that span multiple campaigns and site visits into Salesforce. Sales and marketing can access valuable indicators of lead interest at the push of a button with eTrigue’s unprecedented level of integration and management.

DemandCenter, eTrigue’s flagship solution is a full featured marketing automation platform designed for organizations of all sizes. As the name implies, the goal of the solution is to create demand for a customer’s company. “The whole sales process has changed so radically over the last several years that most B2B buyers spend about 75 percent of their research time before they engage with a company,” reveals Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager, eTrigue. What DemandCenter does is that it records all the activities on a customer’s website before potential clients are revealed to the company. DemandCenter enables companies using their tools to not only capture all that information, but also automatically drop those leads into a series of campaigns depending on
who they are, what they’ve done, their areas of interest, and their level of maturity of engagement with the company. eTrigue’s platform can then generate very simple email drip campaigns to very sophisticated webinar campaigns. It enables the clients to target their campaigns and be more focused. “In a nutshell, DemandCenter assists in taking the demand from its infancy through to a mature marketing qualified lead, and handing it off to the sales team,” says Meyer.

“Companies that tailor CRM systems to specifically meet their needs sometimes raises many issues with the integration, the flows, and the strategy they have for managing prospects as they move into leads, contacts, and ultimately customers,” says Meyer. To avoid this, eTrigue has a very flexible architecture for connecting CRM systems and marketing automation platform together, so that clients can create best practices management of the data as it’s flowing between the CRM system and their marketing automation platform. “We are flexible enough to integrate any need of the customers to meet their unique situations; and this is a big part of what we've done in the design of our solution,” claims Meyer.

We are flexible and integrate the needs of the customers to meet their unique situation

Going forward, Meyer thinks marketing automation as a space with many opportunities for technological creativity. “I think that we found the magic formula for making customers successful, so we will be very much on the same track. But we'll expand into a much broader market where people have now realized that they can do everything, than just sending emails, by automating the processes,” concludes Meyer.


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Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager

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