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Amir Moussavian, Founder
As a father of two, Eturi Corp's founder Amir Moussavian saw first-hand the need to manage screen time. After a long day’s work at the office, he would enter a home where his children 'weren't present’—texting at the dinner table and scrolling through social media during conversations. And so, he decided to write up a ‘pact’ that positioned device use as a privilege and outlined expectations for that privilege to continue:
1. No screens during family meals
2. No screens for an hour before bed
3. No screens during homework time
4. No more arguments

The kids made great progress for a while, but the system still lacked accountability. Moussavian often found his daughters engrossed in their devices despite restricting their usage times. One morning, he found himself looking at the contracts taped to the refrigerator and had an ‘Aha' moment where he realized that while technology may be the problem, it can also be the solution, not just at home, but for remote workplaces struggling across the globe.

In many ways, the remote work situation had turned employees into screenaddled teenagers without supervision. Companies struggle to ensure productivity, collaboration between their teams, and quality of work. An executive can no longer walk around an open office space to get a feel for the pulse of their organization. They can no longer ascertain communications, general productivity, or track work progress. To this end, Motiv is Eturi Corp’s solution that meets the needs of leaders, workers, and companies, all at the same time.

Motiv was developed as the first mobile dashboard built to enable smalland medium-sized businesses to manage productivity. “Motiv answers the needs of business leaders at companies that remain remote, hybrid, or distributed, looking to receive productivity metrics on their teams,” adds Moussavian. Individuals in the C-Suite or business leaders can ensure their teams work effectively, collaborate on critical projects and ensure their teams remain engaged without experiencing burnout. With Motiv's web and mobile app, CEOs, managers, and leaders of distributed teams can see the most important productivity metrics on team leaders. Motiv integrates with the apps that businesses use every day, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. And because privacy is important, Motiv requires no plug-ins, and nothing needs to be ever installed on company computers. Organizations are thus able to change the status quo within a remote organization.
The potential for Motiv's evolution is vast, and its surface has only been scratched with respect to its future purposes. Mobile tech, in particular, is the most innovative and exciting field with changes that occur at lightning speed. This is especially true when it comes to cultivating creativity, innovation, and a dynamic environment that would fuel someone’s entrepreneurial spirit. To that extent, Eturi has an aggressive growth plan for Motiv. The company will be adding features vertically and horizontally, working in lockstep with the needs of its users, providing frequent releases to meet and exceed their needs.

Motiv answers the needs of business leaders at companies that remain remote, hybrid, or distributed, looking to receive productivity metrics on their teams

In the meantime, Eturi's flagship product, OurPact, features prominently in their roadmap, and the company is looking to add new innovative features it. Available for both iOS and Android devices, OurPact allows parents to set up individual children’s profiles on their mobile phones, set digital schedules (when they can be active online and when they must be offline), block inappropriate apps and websites, and even receive screenshots of their digital activity. It also provides a feature that lets parents know when new apps are downloaded. OurPact also had a GPS locator and notifier that allows users to find their phones and, importantly, ensure that children are where they should be (e.g., set a geo-fence around their school and receive a notification if they leave the premises before set time). The most important value proposition of OurPact is its capability to provide the tools for parents to have open communication about digital habits consistently.

Echoing the success of Motiv and OurPact, the company strives to continue innovating and is always seeking out ways to better leverage their talents and understanding of the market. “I am always keeping an eye out for the next new opportunity to use technology to make people’s lives better,” concludes Moussavian.

Eturi Corp

San Diego, CA

Amir Moussavian, Founder

The company develops practical mobile device management (MDM) solutions. They offer Motiv, the first mobile dashboard built to enable small- and medium-sized businesses to manage productivity

Eturi Corp