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Hakan Karden, Director Marketing and Cloud, Magnus Farneland, Director Software Products It is fair to say that today’s enterprises endeavor to achieve more effective collaboration than ever before. No doubt, organizations with collaborative workflows will excel in their operations, forbye staying ahead of the pack. However, “old school” models for collaboration—within the organization or across other businesses, partners, and suppliers—have failed to serve the ever-evolving needs of enterprises.

For instance, consider a manufacturing company with several departments and partners. Their very survival depends on how well they can combine the potential of people, the quality of information they possess, their inter-departmental integration, and collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers. Unfortunately, the dusk created by legacy, proprietary lock-in PLM software and ERP systems in the company’s ecosystem impeded their efforts to collaborate seamlessly. Even with the (still) limited amount of digital data organizations struggle and the issues are growing exponentially with the ever-increasing volumes of data. More digital data also means more risk for theft of IP, Intellectual Property.

Even though a company has invested a lot in their supply chain, many times they couldn’t bring the change they were hoping for. In today’s ambitious world, joining hands with other firms being one of the top priorities for companies, it is necessary to collaborate at the product lifecycle management (PLM) level to leverage their partnerships to the fullest. For this, flexible, open and yet secure IT-solutions are needed.

Established to streamline and enhance PLM collaboration, Sweden head quartered Eurostep Group designs, develops, and delivers a suite of solutions that streamline sharing and exchange of data within and between engineering domains and enterprises. “We started by consulting with several enterprises in different industry verticals—automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, and AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) —and combined research and our experience to build a modern system based on standards to align well with users’ collaboration needs,” says Magnus Farneland, Director Software Product, Eurostep Group. Backed by strong industry expertise, leadership in standards development and use, and experience of the leadership, the firm has developed ShareAspace, their flagship product that is battle proven since many years and has the potential to transform the entire collaboration domain.

The New Face of Enterprise Collaboration

With a core focus on product information management and solutions for information consolidation and sharing, Eurostep develops the award-winning software solution, ShareAspace that facilitates secure PLM/ ERP/MRO collaboration.

We have built our cloud solution on the strong base of our proven PLM collaboration software ShareAspace

This end-to-end solution manages data throughout a product’s lifecycle— starting from the collection of data from various and numerous silos within organizations’ ecosystem to its consolidation into one repository to exchange information between heterogeneous IT systems and processes within and between organizations in a controlled and highly secure way. It thus eliminates friction in the supply chain of enterprises and addresses other challenges associated with legacy collaboration processes that impeded their openness.

Instead of establishing direct links between various IT systems, ShareAspace acts as a neutral data sharing collaboration hub to facilitate secure and controlled sharing. Direct links might work fine for a while until change comes along, then it becomes a nightmare to keep the IT updated to support the business needs.To put this into perspective, consider an automotive company with several partners. The mode of collaboration will be different for each partner—the most trusted partners would be allowed to work closely and use their internal systems while second, third, and fourth-tier partners would not be extended this privilege. However, it is important to share correct data at the right time in the desired quality for all partners. ShareAspace allows role-based access to information for each partner and ensures that information is available to the right people and systems within a project.

Adding Value to the Business Ecosystem

According to Karden, ShareAspace is a powerful complement to existing systems such as Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO). What makes Eurostep’s solution unique is its capabilities based on the rich and standards based data model, a real differentiator to other vendor’s proprietary systems. Being capable of empowering the IT landscape, it allows enterprises to use their existing systems and processes, making the solution easier to implement and deploy. With Eurostep’s collaboration with Microsoft, ShareAspace runs with a low cost of ownership, simultaneously adding value to users and enterprises.

Designed with powerful product data sharing capability in mind, the platform facilitates change and business agility by making it easy to add and remove systems and partners. Additionally, users can leverage the benefits of change management processes— from simple informal to formal, comprehensive approaches—with ShareAspace. The solution thus helps enterprises reduce lead times, costs and friction, increase the pace of innovation and data quality, and improve productivity.
ShareAspace delivers a controlled and trusted meeting space, filled with valuable data, empowering engineers in need to collaborate internally and externally.

Adding the Cloud to lower the Threshold to Business Collaboration

With such a compelling value proposition, Eurostep caters to large enterprises in the likes of SAAB, Scania, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, BAE Systems, French Army, Renault, EGIS, NASA and Siemens Energy.

However, identifying that SMEs have the same need for efficient collaboration, Eurostep decided to offer a cloud service based on the proven ShareAspace platform with launch in October 2019. With this, Eurostep is democratizing their ShareAspace platform and making it easy for those SMEs to access and use a collaboration tool for PLM data. To extend the reach of ShareAspace by incorporating cloud services, Eurostep is targeting a defined process for any manufacturing company and value chain in the process of moving from Design to Manufacturing. The firm is offering a predefined template of ShareAspace to support the process Build-to-Print. This means the collaboration between design companies and the network of manufacturers controlling ownership of data. The solution supports the sharing process and with powerful change management for change requests and change orders issued between manufacturing partners and the OEM. This is all available as a subscription service, out of the box with some configuration, running in Microsoft’s available from just 399 EUR per month.

“We have built our cloud solution on the strong base of our proven PLM collaboration software ShareAspace,” adds Magnus Farneland, Director of Software Product. The innovation labs at Eurostep have included the features of modern and advanced cloud technology into their market awaiting product. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the powerful combination of cloud and ShareAspace will be the right choice to facilitate joint ventures and partnerships. This is adding value beyond classic collaboration tools like email, Dropbox and SharePoint, says Karden. As it is built based on industry standards (STEP PLCS and STEP AP242) and open APIs, like our on-premise collaboration hub, our cloud-enabled solution will not be restricted to any partners’ in-house systems, with an added advantage of easy-to-learn-and-use,” adds Karden. We have invested significantly in e-learning and on-boarding, all to make it as easy as possible.

Weda AB, a small firm designing and developing robots for cleaning swimming pools and water containers including the ones in nuclear power plants confirms this. It has already joined hands with Eurostep to go live with their cloud-based solution before its launch on October 22. We have always been proud of our customers like blue chip companies Airbus, NASA, BAE Systems, Volvo, Siemens etc but with Weda we prove that we are delivering critical collaboration capabilities to SMEs as well. It makes me very proud,” concludes Karden.

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Hakan Karden, Director Marketing and Cloud, Magnus Farneland, Director Software Products and Mattias Johansson, CEO and Peter Aronsson, Director Professional Services

Delivering ShareAspace, a secure PLM collaboration platform that streamlines sharing and exchanging of data within and between engineering domains and enterprises

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