Eurotech: Delivering Building Blocks to Implement IoT Solutions

Roberto Siagri, President & CEO
The onslaught of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized tech markets so much that nearly every modern enterprise today is focused on having a robust Machine- To-Machine (M2M) or IoT platform. Currently, organizations are looking for viable solution providers that can help them implement robust M2M technology. Eurotech, one of the leading IoT solution providers, is helping organizations increase their business potential by reducing the intricacies and risks around IoT adoption. According to Roberto Siagri, CEO of Eurotech, a proper IoT implementation offers valuable new opportunities.“At Eurotech, we address a majority of the issues related to implementations of IoT with a proven architecture and product range based on many years of experience–it is all about encapsulating complexity for our customers,” he says. Headquartered in Amaro, Italy, Eurotech integrates hardware, software, services, and expertise to deliver M2M and IoT platform components.

Eurotech’s state-of-the-art M2M/IoT solutions are built on a well-designed stack of software and communication service layers to simplify the IoT architecture. “We have a divide and conquer approach to our solutions,” says Siagri. Every discrete layer has been encapsulated into a building block that interacts with the other blocks through standard protocols and simple interfaces in a forward manner. In addition to the hardware layer of the gateway, Eurotech provides Everyware Software Framework (ESF), an application framework that lets developers create a new application quickly.

For customers operating in different parts of the world, Eurotech’s ReliaCELL family of rugged cellular modems helps reduce the complexity associated with international cellular deployment of IoT gateways and smart edge nodes. “Depending on specific project requirements, it might not be possible to use global SIM card offerings,” says Siagri. For many companies selling their products and services into international markets, carrier certifications represent a major barrier. “With the ReliaCELL concept, we offer a solution leveraging pre-certified modems to significantly reduce cost and time to market,” says Siagri.

In addition, the company’s Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) is a cloud-based IoT platform that integrates easily into existing enterprise IT infrastructures.

At Eurotech, we address a majority of the issues related to implementations of IoT with a proven architecture and product range based on many years of experience–it is all about encapsulating complexity for our customers

“EDC enables every gateway to be connected to the cloud to provide the data in a simple way,” says Siagri. EDC acts as an integration platform for IoT so companies can access data from distributed sensors for use in any back office systems and drive business decisions based on that data. Over the years, Eurotech has helped a myriad of customers to improve their business performance.

To illustrate, Eurotech has worked with the vending machine industry to help connect to the cloud for valuable business information. Modern vending machines are equipped with touch screens, electronic payment methods, and even video screens. These machines must offer a two-way communication and must also be updated frequently with the latest software.Eurotech’s EDC allows vending machine manufacturers to connect to the cloud and save time and money with remote management capabilities and real time data access. “M2M/IoT solutions of this kind are very different from simple telemetry solutions as they require an architectural foundation that is near real-time and more IT-centric in nature,” says Siagri.

With a well-established portfolio in the industry, Eurotech continues to evolve, by further strengthening its products’ security features while also ensuring increased levels of flexibility with deployment options that support different business models and customer scenarios. The company is also extending its services portfolio to address more customer and partner needs in their respective projects.


Udine, Italy

Roberto Siagri, President & CEO

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