Evariant: Harmonizing the Communication Channels for Better Care Coordination

Bill Moschella, CEO
Having graduated from a music school, Bill Moschella, CEO of Evariant Services, is a music lover who compares his firm to a jazz band. “We are like a band where we toil, formulate decisions, and function together in synchronization with the management norms to pilot our path of success. My employees blend all the aspects of business in a wellorganized manner to generate good music in the form of profit and growth,” he says. Headquartered in Farmington, CT, Evariant essays diverse solutions to the healthcare industry with a strong notion of transferring information and data instantly.

“Our goal is to ensure smooth functioning of hospitals on a technological trail, since there’s lack of proper mechanism for communication, predictive modeling, care, and delivery in the sector,” Moschella says. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution formulated by Evariant offers users an end-to-end platform to drive targeted, service line growth with reportable ROI. The platform allows users to build patient acquisition and retention campaigns with multi-channel capabilities and allows users to attribute marketing response to clinical and financial outcomes. The Physician Relationship Management (PRM) solution offers users an end-toend platform to drive targeted physician management. The platform provides the ability to build physician acquisition and retention territories as well as campaigns with multi-channel capabilities. It can also attribute referring physician pattern changes and case mix adjustments to physician liaison and marketing activity.

In addition to the complications involved in healthcare communication, physician recruitment is another pain point in the healthcare sector. This process consumes abundant amount of time and requires more sourcing to find the right candidate. Recently, one of the hospitals in the province approached Evariant to help them resolve some of their physician recruitment process issues. Evariant designed a solution to enhance the physician recruitment process for them. The Evariant Physician Recruitment solution designed for them includes the ability to target key physicians with personalized communications such as direct email, social media and mobile solutions.

Our goal is to ensure smooth functioning of hospitals on a technological trail, since there’s lack of proper mechanism for communication, predictive modeling, care, and delivery in the sector

The platform can help reduce hiring complexity and deliver real-time recruitment campaigns into the market immediately without a steep learning curve.

When it comes to solutions, Evariant is an industry leader providing cloud-based healthcare marketing solutions. They own a superior data analytics storage facility and are working with tremendous effort to build cost effective solutions for the clients. While other firms require a minimum of three to four solutions to execute marketing campaigns such as email applications, databases, and CRMs, Evariant’s solutions are available on one comprehensive platform with single sign on access. In addition, the Evariant Platform was designed with the healthcare marketer in mind providing them the right information needed to engage with patients and physicians quickly and efficiently inherently making the market stronger.

The company is growing with an objective of creating a change in healthcare through its functions. “Motive alone cannot lead the path to success; it’s one’s determination and commitment. For me success falls in the hands of customers. I have learned the business through them and they are the ones who lead me to reach the glorious path,” Moschella states. As Evariant continues to grow they will focus on building stronger healthcare solutions to help move healthcare ahead.


Farmington, CT

Bill Moschella, CEO

Evariant combines digital marketing solutions, big data and analytics into a unified platform to identify opportunities, measure campaigns and improve patient and physicians engagement.