Eventus Solutions Group: Redefining Customer Engagement with Cloud CRM

Craig Tobin, Managing Director
As digital communications and platforms gain momentum with consumers, contact centers are fast moving beyond voice-only communications and adopting cloud-based CRM. “In addition to providing support for modern omnichannel communications capabilities that contact centers need, cloud-based CRM systems also provide excellent self-service portals that customers often prefer,” remarks Craig Tobin, Managing Director, Eventus. Relying on the capabilities of Oracle Cloud Services to tackle present day limitations in contact centers, Eventus is a consulting and managed services firm focused on customer engagement. Holding deep technical and operational expertise in contact centers, Eventus’s management consulting team delivers strategic assessments, outsourcing strategies, vendor management, and continuous improvement for contact centers. Well versed in implementing CRM, workforce management, and ACD/IVR systems, Eventus also offers command center managed services for enhanced forecasting and scheduling, real time adherence, and reporting/analytics capabilities.

The company works in close collaboration with Oracle and has performed numerous strategic Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) CRM implementations over the past six years. Commenting on the shift to cloud-base CRM, Tobin states that, “The majority of our CRM clients discard their current CRM systems and opt for Oracle as it offers more modern functionality like self-service, omnichannel support, flexibility, and reduced costs.” In addition, Eventus also implements Oracle Service Cloud modules to enhance or complement other CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Siebel. “In these scenarios, we are able to provide needed new functionality while avoiding the expense and risk of a total system replacement,” adds Tobin.

Unlike other firms, Eventus prefers to work on a fixed-price basis. Over a period of time, Eventus has developed a reputation for delivering large, complex projects on schedule and on budget without having to issue change requests. “Owing to our customer-centric approach, our clients inevitably return for our services and in some cases we have performed ten or more projects for the same client,” exclaims Tobin.

Another methodology developed by the company is STORM which is a Software Development Lifecycle process (SDLC) that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of cloud-based CRM platforms.

As more organizations realize contact centers have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and cut costs, we at Eventus will continue to help businesses accomplish both goals simultaneously

STORM minimizes operational risk, accelerates deployment, and adapts quickly to change by taking best practices from waterfall and agile software development methodologies. “The process ensures that customer operations issues are addressed, as the client can monitor progress and offer feedback in every step,” says Tobin.

In one instance, a large transportation company was receiving excessive negative feedback for its self-service website. Eventus stepped in, and addressed the shortcoming by implementing Oracle Service Cloud knowledge management and customer portal capabilities. The client had its knowledge content stored in several disparate sources, which prevented their service center from meeting web self-service goals. Eventus's contact center consulting team used the STORM methodology to collaborate closely with the company’s business and technical departments. In the end, Eventus was able to deliver self-service capabilities that seamlessly integrated into the customer's website, providing the customer experience desired by the company’s marketing team.

In the near future, Eventus will be rolling out a new financial capability that will give organizations access to the funding they need to implement customer engagement optimizations. “As more organizations realize contact centers have the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and cut costs, we at Eventus will continue to help businesses accomplish both goals simultaneously,” ends Tobin.

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Craig Tobin, Managing Director

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