Everbright Media: America's Fastest-Growing Education Company

Bradley Saft, CEO What makes a child excited about learning? Alphabets and numbers sketched out on the blackboard or characters in an animated video lesson bringing the subject matter to life and capturing a child’s imagination? Although the answer has been clear for years, it was EverBright Media, a West Palm Beach-based company that gauged the pulse of the problem and realized that through technology, they could develop products that could improve learning of especially difficult and oftentimes boring topics to children, and create a new way to deliver it directly to families.

The concept first occurred to Bradley Saft, EverBright’s Founder and CEO, while sitting in an airport in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2009. While reading an article that revealed deficiencies in students’ understanding and awareness of important aspects in American history, Saft reflected upon his childhood, when he and his brother would listen to captivating stories about American history from his parents during family trips. This very thought inspired him to delve further into the education industry and realize the urgent need to develop products that would do a better job of exciting kids about acquiring and retaining knowledge.

Since its launch in 2011, EverBright Media has been developing educational products that engage children using a visual learning experience. EverBright Media’s educational approach is so effective that their products have become some of the most sought-after solutions for children by parents and grandparents alike.

When EverBright launched, it did so with only one product line, focused on American history. But since then, its growth has exploded. EverBright now features four product lines, and has become America’s fastest growing education company.

Each of EverBright’s product lines features animated video lessons and online interactive learning guides to immerse students in a subject. Learn Our History, the company’s first creation, features a group of time-travelling history students who go back in time to see U.S. history in the making. As kids watch these videos, they learn about the most important people and influential events throughout U.S. history, reinforcing their pride and patriotism toward the nation. MoneyBright Kids is another unique series of lessons and educational supplements designed to help children learn important money management skills that they can instantly apply to their daily lives. Family Bible Films is focused on creating a sense of faith in children and harnessing valuable concepts like love, hope, and charity. And finally, Rules of the Road is a series of lessons that helps young children learn important values needed to build strong morals and exceptional character.

Revolutionizing Education through Technology

The uniqueness of the company, however, not only lies in its products, but also in the way the products are offered to customers. EverBright aims to bypass the crowded world of traditional education and deliver solutions directly to its customers based on their needs through its innovative subscription model.

At the core of EverBright is an understanding that its customers are not our only consumers. Our products need to appeal to parents and children alike

The company’s experienced team including Chief Marketing Officer Craig Mirabella, and Chief Operating Officer Jodie Faulds, drew upon their vast experience working with education and marketing companies to build a subscription business model that ensures easy access for customers and enables them to use products that excite, engage and entertain children. Also, the company’s innovative subscription model enables EverBright to keep its products affordably priced for families on a budget.

EverBright uses technology to enhance its business in a variety of ways. “Technology is at the heart of our business, from product development to marketing and our proprietary data reporting platform,” said Saft. EverBright adeptly utilizes marketing tools to reach customers through direct advertising, most notably on social media. The company’s robust social media presence is the key to receiving “boosted orders,” a term EverBright uses to describe orders that come from referral or endorsement, a major part of its business.

EverBright also utilizes a proprietary data reporting platform that enables it to understand and communicate with each of its customers individually—more than 300,000 of them, by suggesting and offering different products best suited to each of their children and needs—creating a one-to-one relationship. Saft remarked, “At the core of EverBright is an understanding that our customers are not our only consumers. Our products need to appeal to parents and children alike.” The company also behaves like an information business. EverBright uses predictive models to determine and suggest the lessons that customers are most likely going to be interested in the future. The concept uses advanced data analysis tools to ensure that customers remain engaged and excited.

EverBright is a unique education company that doesn’t sell its products to schools, but is also a media company that is focused on education. The firm understands that it transcends traditional and even new models about what an education company should look like. It uses technology beyond its current product lines and has developed a unique production model that enables EverBright to produce animated educational videos in an abbreviated time frame and at a fraction of industry cost. Subsequently, EverBright has launched a custom animation business to produce films for government institutions, corporations, and non-profits, helping them communicate their messages and values in an entertaining and informative way, at a price well below the cost of traditional production studios.

Visuals-an Efficient Way to Retain Information

How does EverBright ensure that its educational products are effective?
The answer lies with its team of historians and educators assembled to develop a groundbreaking range of lessons designed to make learning fun for children of all ages. To help students better retain the subject matter, they are encouraged to utilize online learning guides, take online quizzes and delve into a variety of discussion topics after watching the video lessons. Also, when a new lesson is released, customers are notified via email and can begin working with the lesson instantly from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. Customers are offered a new lesson around once per month – and the reviews have been outstanding.

"Technology is at the heart of our business, from product development, to marketing focus and our proprietary data reporting platform"

EverBright’s studies have shown that 97 percent of kids learn and retain information from its products, and incredibly, around 90 percent actually enjoy the learning experience.

EverBright believes that it is crucial to make information available to subscribers irrespective of time and location constraints. As such, each of its products can be streamed online through the customer’s account on the company’s websites, and many customers choose to receive DVDs as well. That way kids can enjoy lessons in a variety of ways, including on tv, desktop or laptop computer, vehicle entertainment system, iPad, iPhone, or any other internet-connected device equipped with a web-browser.

This platform has proven quite effective. EverBright’s subscribers have collectively consumed several million individual lessons. The company is also hugely popular on social media, with new content being updated daily on Facebook, across all its brands.

“We are taking painstaking steps to address complex concepts in a way that kids can understand and enjoy, no matter what their grade level or background is. EverBright is constantly working to develop new product lines and technology-enabled tools to integrate into its business as we strive to diversify. We are also developing better streaming tools and more engaging adaptive learning guides focused on testing and assessment,” said Saft.

Opportunities Ahead

As a result of EverBright’s ingenuity, the company has experienced exponential growth. The company has earned a position in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” ranking of America’s fastest growing companies and was among the top 150 (number 135 to be exact). By any standard, EverBright’s growth is impressive. Over the past three years, the company’s sales grew by approximately 2777 percent, making it the 3rd fastest growing business among all media companies and the number one fastest growing education company in the U.S.

With all it has accomplished already, it doesn’t seem like EverBright’s growth will stop any time soon, and the EverBright team is gearing up for more new product launches in the year ahead. “We have a lot of opportunities ahead of us,” said Saft. “We just want to make sure we are doing our best to support our customers and their families by giving them all the tools they need for their children to make learning as enjoyable and experiential as possible.”

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