Everi Holdings [NYSE:EVRI]: Redefining the Casino Floor

Michael Rumbolz, President & CEO
The casino industry is in the midst of a demographic shift with slot machines and traditional table games replaced with server-based, network gaming to encash on an entirely new audience of potential punters. With the surge in the online gaming industry, today’s gaming enthusiasts seek best-in-class online gambling portals, making way for advanced gaming software technologies that are custom designed for the new audience. Nevertheless, with the frequently changing rules from gaming regulatory bodies, CIOs in the casino industry often face issues with payment processing, player protection, system resilience and transactional integrity. Set against this backdrop is Everi Holdings, a provider of both games and payment solutions that help customers optimize their players’ experiences as well as their internal payment processes.

Everi offers a fully EMV compliant payment solutions portfolio that enhances the gaming operators’ ability to provide funds to the floor and operate at peak efficiency. The firm’s payment suite is specifically focused on bringing ground-breaking innovation to floor-wide cash access, improving cash handling on the casino floor and providing compliance, audit, and data-driven solutions. It also provides players with an interactive wallet—CashClub, enabling them to choose their preferred payment method from multiple payment methods, easily manage their funds in and out of the casino and spend limits, thus supporting responsible gaming initiatives.

Casinos also have to contend with the various risks associated with money laundering and other illicit activities. Everi offers its anti-money laundering (AML) intelligence solution to commensurate with the level of risk. It also provides organizations with an easy-to-use tool for risk-based screening and monitoring internal control lapses and other financial improprieties, which is required for local, state, and federal mandate compliance. Everi also integrates a data integration hub into its AML compliance solution to power the collection and management of gaming data. In case of any suspicious incident identification, casino operators are notified instantly and are provided with an advanced reporting functionality for dealing with incidents across their gaming floors more expeditiously, alongside keeping their data and financial information secure.

We continue to set the bar higher with our comprehensive portfolio of innovative offerings that improve the efficiency of customers’ payments operations

The firm’s dedicated payment team works closely with every customer, understands the nitty-gritty of their business operations and provides them with the appropriate solutions that fit into their business requirements. “Our customers know that Everi is deeply committed to understanding their changing needs for cash access and compliance solutions in a rapidly evolving environment,” says Michael Rumbolz, President and CEO of Everi. The firm’s payment solutions portfolio has the capability to deliver an ultra-reliable, seamless experience across the casino floor and back office. “With the best of breed casino payments and compliance solutions, we continue to set the bar higher with our comprehensive portfolio of innovative offerings that improve the efficiency of our customers’ payments operations while enhancing their players’ experience,” says Rumbolz.

Everi has recently rolled out a new capability in its payments product suite—Everi Cares, which offers a completely new and convenient way for casinos and their players to make a powerful positive impact on their local community. Everi is dedicated to helping its customers support the communities in which they operate, by creating a direct link between the casino floor and worthy local charities, while simultaneously reducing the number of abandoned vouchers and coin handling expenses. “This easy to implement new product offering is unique to Everi and greatly expands the capabilities and power of our payments solutions while providing noticeable operational and marketing benefits for casino operators,” concludes Rumbolz.

Everi Holdings

Las Vegas, NV

Michael Rumbolz, President & CEO

A gaming technology provider that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated gaming payments solutions for gaming operators