Everleap: Next-Generation Cloud Hosting Technology Expert

Takeshi Eto, President/VP Business Development
With rapidly changing business dynamics, SMEs and enterprises are increasingly adopting the cloud to gain quicker access to business applications or to improve their infrastructure resources. Amidst the cloud transition, Microsoft helps organizations embrace this change by offering cloud solutions that are hybrid, highly-responsive, and easily accessible. “One way Microsoft is helping the ecosystem is by sharing Microsoft Azure technology with partners instead of keeping it for themselves,” begins Takeshi Eto, President/VP Business Development, Everleap.

With an aim to deliver next-generation cloud hosting technology, Everleap provides businesses a hosting platform for modern .NET web applications as well as legacy classic ASP and PHP applications. As its foundation, Everleap uses Windows Azure Pack, some of the same cloud technologies that are used at Microsoft Azure, but in its own datacenter. “Everleap is new but we’ve been providing Microsoft hosting solutions for over a decade under the brand, DiscountASP.NET—a leading Windows shared hosting provider. Everleap is DiscountASP.NET’s entry into fully managed Windows-based cloud hosting,” Eto adds.

Everleap offers a different take on cloud services. For example, instead of the typical pay-as-you-go model for cloud solutions, Everleap offers a straight forward flat monthly rate which helps businesses more easily plan and budget for their cloud services. Everleap bundles many services that developers would expect from a traditional hosting solution but are separate charges with most cloud hosting providers. For example, the web server, SQL Server databases, MySQL databases, SSL support, and bandwidth usage are not separately metered and charged. All of these services are bundled into the Everleap hosting plans with a flat fixed rate. The cloud hosting plans also include DNS and Email services—services that many cloud solutions do not provide.

In addition to predictable pricing and cloud technologies, Everleap also differentiates itself by offering free technical support by Microsoft technology experts. Their support and expertise in ASP.NET has won them customers.
For instance, GDL Systems, a digital agency in Mexico that specializes in ASP.NET e-commerce catalogs hosted all their sites at Rackspace but they ran into issues with their ASP.NET catalog application session management and wanted to find a cloud hosting solution that specialized in .NET. They now use Everleap for their e-commerce projects and are moving all their e-commerce sites over to Everleap.

“Everleap is an alternative to shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. For example, Everleap has the ability to seamlessly serve sites from multiple load balanced web servers simultaneously—traditional hosts can’t scale this way,” says Eto. “And Everleap is an alternative to the big cloud providers–with simple pricing, great customer support, and a lower learning curve. We offer an easy transition to cloud enable businesses.”
Being a Microsoft Gold Partner with the Hosting Competency for ten years, the team at Everleap has a deep relationship with Microsoft which helped in getting Everleap production ready. In addition to their shared Cloud websites solutions, they offer premium Reserved Cloud Servers and Managed SQL Server solutions which provide customers with their own private cloud web server and SQL Server.

Everleap provides a cost effective scalable cloud solution allowing customers to focus on their business rather than managing servers

“Everleap provides a cost effective scalable cloud solution allowing customers to focus on their business rather than managing servers. For instance, Clinicmaster needed to control costs but required a scalable hosted solution for their rapidly growing healthcare portal. They now use a hybrid hosting solution between Everleap, Microsoft Azure and on-premises servers.” said Eto. “Going forward, we aim to stay on top of new Microsoft technology and continue enhancing our hosting services to provide businesses with solutions that can grow along with them.”


Takeshi Eto, President/VP Business Development

Provides fully-managed Windows cloud hosting solutions for websites and web applications and Managed SQL Server solutions