Evermethod: Powering the Digital Evolution through RPA

Rahul Bachuwar, CEO & MD
“For any successful digital transformation project, organizations need to bring in capabilities that not only improve customer experiences, but also look at how their core business functions can adopt these disruptive and innovative techniques and compete in the digital era,” says Rahul Bachuwar, CEO and MD of Evermethod, Inc. Tracing the evolution of digitalization among large enterprises, he says that in the early 2000s, businesses employed global teams to manage their IT development and back office operations. Companies were trying to gain from labor arbitrage and improve their product delivery cycle times with a 24/7 workforce across time zones. Fast forward to today, the market scenario has completely metamorphosed where big corporations have started setting up their own development centers and organizations are spending on digital transformation initiatives. Companies are looking at intelligent automation to handle not only repetitive, mundane tasks, but also knowledge and cognitive based transactions, that streamline business processes to empower their workforce and scale to next generation of disruptive technologies. “While Global sourcing and delivery yielded about 20-25 percent of cost efficiencies to organizations, robotic process automation (RPA) can create additional cost efficiencies, capacity and improve productivity. RPA is the biggest inflection point of the industry since global sourcing, as this is a clear best use case for AI Journey. Assisting companies to take one step ahead in the digital world, Evermethod leverages RPA to automate the tasks, and adopt cognitive and machine learning techniques to continuously enhance the automation.

Evermethod begins every engagement with an initiate stage that consists of a business process assessment to understand the client’s organizational goals, figure out processes best suited for automation, technology feasibility analysis, develop automation pilot and ROI projections. Currently, the company is offering a free two-week opportunity assessment to any organization interested in automation and after that a full-scale assessment for clients who wish to go ahead with Evermethod.

As a RPA implementation partner, we provide advisory consulting, automation development services; we also offer strategic solutions to clients to maintain their COE

After the assessment, the company sets up infrastructure and develops business process automation as per the project plan. The company helps clients in advisory services to establish a center of excellence (COE) to manage this within their organization. “We provide advisory services, assessments to development; we also offer strategic solutions to clients to maintain their COE.”

One of the Evermethod’s client is a healthcare disease detection tool company, the process involves manual work of feeding in member data and creating reports. Resultantly, they can generate reports only for 15 members in a day. Evermethod is working with them to increase efficiency in processes to bring down the two-hour analysis window to an hour or less. “We are developing automation with an aim to significantly increase member diagnosis reporting rates to more than what is done today,” says Bachuwar.

Evermethod has envisioned a well-plotted future with eyes set on expanding its client base by introducing the benefits of robotic automation to new customers. The company is planning to provide rapid proof of concepts to clients, introduce a cloud-based model for automation for medium to small enterprises who are not willing to invest in the infrastructure side. Evermethod is also looking at augmenting their partnerships with companies at the innovative edge of RPA to bring the power of automation to clients. Also, Evermethod is developing industry and transaction specific automation solutions. Through these plans, the company is set to take continuous automation solutions to the next level.


Minneapolis, MN

Rahul Bachuwar, CEO & MD

Provides continuous automation solutions using robotics process automation and machine learning techniques