Everteam: Igniting Business Transformation

Firas Raouf CEO
Ensuring excellent customer experience is a primary objective for many enterprises. However, to deliver superior customer experience there is a need for operational excellence in an organization—driving the call for digital transformation. CIOs are on a mission to deliver business results with the aid of high performing Business Process Management (BPM) technology solutions. By being highly agile, analytical, and retrospective, Everteam has a two decade long legacy of delivering solutions to solve highly complex content and process management challenges. “We always lead with engineering excellence,” asserts Firas Raouf, CEO, Everteam.

Everteam’s intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) enables firms to address the security needs of highly complex and varied enterprise processes. “The more we equip the business analyst, the more engaged the business units will be in developing process automation,” avers Raouf. Through iBPMS, Everteam brings in the flexibility for customers to adopt either low-code implementations (for rapid implementation of simple processes) or hi-code implementation (for more complex requirements).

In a way, Everteam is delivering a high-market platform to the mid-market or departmental buyer who cannot afford the time and cost of larger vendor solutions. “When it comes to interacting with actual users, we leverage and integrate seamlessly with the security architecture that our customers have in place,” notes Raouf. The firm delegates authentication to their preferred user management repository and integrates with the clients’ single sign-on solutions. Similarly, when it comes to system to system integration, administrators have capabilities to decide if a service provided by iBPMS should be accessible, if so to what network and if it requires authentication and authorization. Everteam iBPMS can work with security standards like JWT and WS-Security to be complaint with customer’s environments. “We are actively bringing case management and process management under the same platform thereby blurring the lines between the two,” adds Raouf.

The more we equip the business analyst, the more engaged the business units will be in developing process automation

“We are in constant change and are always critical of what we do and how we do it, in order to continuously improve,” states Raouf. Everteam designs advanced applications to assist clients with their new challenges. In an instance, a customer required highly specific heuristic classification of content across different languages, and the analytics to drive certain process decisions for their customers. This project gave way to the conception of Everteam analytics, which is now an application that can be integrated with BPM platform to drive more intelligent data-driven-processes.

According to Raouf, there are usually two types of challenges that customers face; one is the Workflow project, and the other is Orchestration project. To illustrate, Consolidated Communications, an American telecommunications company, approached Everteam in need of a reliable way to integrate different systems and interfaces into their main corporate IT structure, without disrupting everyday operations. Upon the implementation of iBPMS, the client was able to efficiently manage service provisioning and workforce operation in weeks. Additionally, they were also able to roll out new processes or updates in hours.

Everteam’s goal is to bring a broad set of platform level capabilities across ECM and BPM, coupled with big data analytics and cloud implementation. This can be achieved through an open architecture in the form of microservices and APIs to enable the development of unique and robust applications. “Over time, we will provide additional out-of-the-box solutions with which customers can still customize the ‘last mile’ to suit their specific requirements,” assures Raouf.


Boston, MA

Firas Raouf CEO

Delivers solutions to solve highly complex content and process management challenges faced by enterprises