Everworks: Riding the Waves of Automation

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John Alesi, President
In the past few years, there has been a significant growth in the global industrial automation industry. According to Market Research Future’s report, the industrial automation market is expected to reach USD 153.83 Billion by 2022. However, the fact is that a majority of organizations are implementing automated and robotic systems without knowing if it is beneficial or just an added expense just to keep up with the hype surrounding automation. “More than the deployment, it is harnessing the potential of innovative technologies that will help organizations reach new heights,” says John Alesi, President of Everworks. He adds, “It is important for organizations to understand the intricacies of automation technologies such as cost-effectiveness, whether it is beneficial in reducing waste or does it help the company achieve overall business objectives and more. What companies need now is a reliable partner that can help them understand the value of automation technology that is being deployed and realize various benefits it offers in terms of cost savings, quality and the throughput obtained. Enter Everworks.

Everworks is on a mission to develop custom manufacturing automated solutions for organizations to increase their productivity, profits and competitiveness. “With our diverse knowledge and expertise, we not only offer end-to-end turnkey solutions that exceed customers’ expectation but also help organizations in understanding every aspects of automation technology,” states Alesi. In addition, the company also leverages data analytics to help customers capture data from the automated systems and make better business decisions.

According to Alesi, “Intelligence resides not in automation but in the engineer that is developing the technology to make the process better.” Specialized in the field of robotics and automation technology, the Everworks team follows a documented process to find a fitting solution that addresses the customer’s needs and expectations. The company’s trained and certified robotics programmers bring onboard their experience in solving a variety of customer challenges in manufacturing and industrial automation, and helps customers understand the different aspects of the technology that they have implemented in their automation journey.

What differentiates Everworks from their competition in the industry is their small but dedicated team of automation specialists who understands clients’ requirements and provides apt solutions accordingly.

With our diverse knowledge and expertise, we not only offer end-to-end turnkey solutions that exceed customers’ expectation but also help organizations in understanding every aspects of automation technology

The team then has a discussion with the client and provides them an outline on the solution and its costs. Alesi explains, “For us, it is not about the monetary benefits but finding the solution that best fits the client’s needs. We offer equipment with standardized material and steer clients into off-the-shelf products.” Besides supplying clients with cost-effective, quality products and the best coding standards, Everworks also provides additional maintenance and support which goes beyond the initial installations.

All in all, Everworks’ turnkey solution offers everything from the cradle to the grave. In addition to automation solutions, Everworks also provides various other services such as engineering, mechanical and electrical design, simulations and customized software development. “There are physical elements such as machines, robots or computers, and software for data structuring that needs to be assembled and brought together to form the final product. We provide guidance on these aspects from the initial concept to the finished product with the highest level of quality to our customers,” says Alesi.

Apart from manufacturing and automotive industry, Everworks deals with clients from the food and beverages industry as well as the processing sector. In addition to expanding their existing facility, Everworks has opened offices in Greenville, Sheffield, and Ancaster. Due to the growing employee count and meeting the requirements of the customers, the team has plans to shift to a larger office in Hamilton, Ontario.


Ancaster, ON

John Alesi, President

Everworks Inc provides a full range of core competencies. The company invests in building long-term relationships with customers, through a data driven understanding of their business. The management services offered by Everworks feature a variety of applications that assist customers in the operation of their companies, both in managing the indirect process operations and acting strategically to raise productivity and efficiency. Everworks can be found in virtually every industry: the company's portfolio offers