Every Angle: Providing Analytics for Visibility to Improve Business Processes

CIO VendorRichard Den Ouden, Director-US
When considering technologies to compliment your SAP ERP, it’s key to carefully select products that extend the capabilities of your ERP, while at the same time have a low total cost of ownership and high value proposition to the business. One SAP software solution does exactly this, Every Angle, headquartered in the birthplace of Gouda cheese: Gouda, The Netherlands.

To comprehend the value of the Every Angle product, a basic understanding is needed around the business conditions that exist at virtually every company that uses an SAP ERP to produce and sell products. Richard Den Ouden, Director Every Angle U.S., describes that situation like this. “As companies go through their daily material resource planning (MRP) process, the operational departments use the output of MRP to perform their respective jobs. In this process, demand for finished goods generates requirements for both internally produced and externally procured materials.” Den Ouden goes on to describe how what starts off as a balanced relationship between supply and demand quickly becomes unbalanced. “As real world events like missed supplier shipments, canceled customer orders, unplanned production outages, and dozens of others occur daily, the balance between supply and demand becomes unbalanced, even fragmented. Requirements for materials that were once needed have changed, resulting in some very expensive operational inefficiencies,” says Den Ouden. The intelligence needed to dynamically assess the very large number (10’s to 100’s of thousands) of open material requirements, must be at least as powerful as the forecasting and MRP technologies that created them in the first place.

Herein lies what Every Angle claims to be their unique positioning and value proposition. Unlike nearly every other reporting product (Business Intelligence tools, ABAP and standard reports), that have a
linear relationship to the data in the SAP tables, Every Angle claims to augment data extracts with proprietary intelligent calculations. These not only compare supply and demand requirements across all material-plant combinations for orders that are “in-flight”, but also automatically incorporate the unique customer specific configuration of SAP into their logic engine. According to Den Ouden, “This advanced and customer specific logic enables Every Angle to quickly and easily provide insights into your internal supply chain that no other technology in the world is capable of providing, certainly not out-of-the-box, like we are.”

We quickly and easily provide insights into your internal supply chain that no other technology in the world is capable of providing, certainly not out-of-the-box

While it is not uncommon for software providers to make claims such as these, CIO Review found a large number of well-known international companies such as Heineken, Bridgestone, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca- Cola, Honeywell, DSM and many others supporting these claims with written and video testimonials.

For the past 15 years, Every Angle has offered what they now call “Every Angle Classic”, which is a Windows™ client-server platform that offers drag-n-drop ease of use for the end user. In 2015, Every Angle will be rolling out EA2, the next generation of their SAP-exclusive analytics product which features an HTML5 user interface, so it is ready for any device. The logic engine remains a Windows server application. Offering a scalable, cost effective, and user-friendly product, Every Angle is anticipating rapid global growth in 2015.

Every Angle

Charlotte, NC

Richard Den Ouden, Director-US

Provides Operational Business Analytics for SAP.