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Graham O'Reilly, CEO & Co-Founder
Any efficiency-oriented business professional is now concerned about the multiplying security issues prevalent in today’s email communication environment. Continuous improvisations are being made on the filters and anti-spam measures that are implemented. Nevertheless, lately ongoing spam and virus threats have gained immense ground as attackers keep transforming their tactics to make the most adaptive filtering systems unable to cope. In such a scenario, EveryCloud Technologies, which was established with the aim to deliver better customer service in email filtering, provides customer-centric cloud email protection, encountering attackers’ technological sophistication. “Our flexible cloud approach combines the power and versatility of product as a service to intelligently update our email filters,” says O’Reilly. Simultaneously, a team of threat checkers update and adjust rules where needed to squeeze extra detection out of the system. Though this approach is resource consuming, it enables the company to have the best detection rates in the industry.

EveryCloud’s email filtering is aimed at two things—security and time. The elimination of spam and viruses from inboxes makes the customer network infinitely more secure, while reducing the man hours spent on sifting through spam or removing viruses. In addition, the company has developed features, such as optional newsletter blocking, content and compliance filtering to give back more time to employees. EveryCloud’s Email Continuity solution keeps a rolling 90-day archive of customer’s email in the cloud, so that in the event of a server outage, the organization’s email is not only safe but it’s available for employees to send and receive as usage via our webmail feature.

Currently, the company is focused on polishing its Email Archiving product to enable customers to archive emails for compliance purposes, and take the load off their servers. “Our Archiving products lets users store all email including internal for up to 30 years and facilitates an iPhone and Android application for mobile access,” says O’Reilly.

Our flexible cloud approach combines the power and versatility of product as a service to intelligently update our email filters

Further, being the supporter of the transition to Office 365, EveryCloud enables customers to have truly layered security by adding an extra layer of filtering, and Email Continuity and Archiving. “We assist customers from the initial account set up through to full migration,” adds he.

EveryCloud has built its own customer management system, which fully integrates into the product. This allows customers to instantly start trials and move their traffic over, detect changes in MX records/ update customers accordingly, and permit partners to provision and manage new customers seamlessly. To highlight a success story, ARC Excess & Surplus, LLC—a wholesale insurance broker in the U.S. had denial reports of service attack on its SPAM filter that stopped it from processing messages. The firm needed better redundancy services to safeguard their environment against such threats. On using EveryCloud’s solution, the firm gained resiliency and a SPAM filter that reduced the junk summary reports, saving employees’ time.

The company’s focus on enhancing customer experience and service has fueled them to establish as an international brand. This is solidified with the completion of a new distribution partnership in Australia, including plans for the launch of a data center in the region over the coming months. Being passionate about trying new things, O’Reilly gives an assurance to its clients of updating its existing products and launching new one to meet their escalating email security demand. “As we execute on our goal of being the preeminent global Email Security Provider, enterprises will gain total control with unrivalled email security,” concludes O’Reilly.

EveryCloud Technologies

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Graham O'Reilly, CEO & Co-Founder

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