EveryonePrint: A Simplified Approach to Mobile Printing

Roy Neckling, CEO, Tavs Dalaa, CTO
As a growing trend, BYOD has been impacting the day-to-day operations of organizations across varied domains, irrespective of their size or locations. Yet, the prevalence of this trend has paved ways for unique challenges. “Many large organizations allow the use of personal devices at work such as iPads, smartphones or tablets to stay productive. Companies also facilitate e-mail and document access on these devices. However, with the lack solutions for enterprise printing, printing from mobile devices that use varied types of technologies is often challenging,” says Roy Neckling, CEO, EveryonePrint. Furthermore, there is an increased pressure on IT infrastructure to control and protect, and manage the mobileprinting process. Headquartered in Denmark, EveryonePrint has effectively catered to enterprises’ need for successful implementation of BYOD solutions through their user-friendly and consistent mobile print software solutions. The pressure is lifted from the IT team as these solutions can deal with different mobile technologies.

EveryonePrint is equipped with the specialized expertise needed to address the highly diverse printing requirements that is surfaced with BYOD. Their mo¬bile printing solutions are highly adapt¬able, irrespective of the type of mobile devices or the infrastructure employed by an enterprise. “Besides being reliable across varied mobile technologies, they are easy to deploy and manage. Moreover, our end-users are provided with similar benefits. These solutions require as little as 10 minutes to configure on your servers. In case of highly complex deployments, the time extends to only a few hours,” explains Neckling.

The company’s solutions are better described as ‘low-impact solutions’ as they never create the need for extensive learning prior to installation and use. Furthermore, in case of any alterations to their client’s existing infrastructure, the company’s solutions easily integrate with those changes. EveryonePrint serves thousands of universities, educational institutions, and small to multinational corporations across the globe. For instance, a big construction company was in search of an effective mobile printing solution.
Due to the presence of large number of BYOD devices across different locations, the client often found it challenging to bring in consistency with respect to printing solutions. EveryonePrint came to their assistance with its highly consistent and adaptable mobile printing solutions. These solutions were able to easily integrate with the client’s existing infrastructure as well as address the future-printing requirements.

There are several unique aspects that define EveryonePrint. For example, the firm is way ahead of its competitors with respect to simplicity of mobile printing solutions. Further, the deployment of these solutions is specific to pricing, us¬age and management. “We don’t believe in making mobile printing a massive IT project. Instead, at the firm, the printing solutions are made to be easy to down¬load and install,” says Tavs Dalaa, CTO. Another factor that has been highly cru¬cial for EveryonePrint is its total focus on innovation. The company has been consistently the most affordable in di¬rect comparisons to several contempo¬rary mobile print solutions. Also, Eve¬ryonePrint has an impressive range of partners, owing to which the firm easily manages to deploy its services domesti¬cally and internationally. EveryonePrint has always been attentive towards incorporating emerging technologies with potential to its solutions. This practice has enabled them to meet with the innovation requirements to a very great extent.

EveryonePrint is way ahead of its competitors with respect to simplicity of mobile printing solutions

The firm is already serving numerous large organizations worldwide. However, in the imminent months, EveryonePrint will be focused on expanding their global presence strengthening their services to larger global organizations. “A new office has already started in the U.S. There are plans to expand the firm’s footprint in the Asia-pacific region as well,” concludes Neckling.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Roy Neckling, CEO, Tavs Dalaa, CTO

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