evoleap: Flow Assurance Software Re-Engineered

Michael Zaldivar, Partner
One of the most critical challenges facing oil and gas producers today is assuring a smooth flow through complex and long subsea tiebacks. As the build-up of hydrates, paraffins, scales, and asphaltenes in flowlines damage the equipment and tubulars, utilizing a well-designed flow assurance software is paramount. The need of the hour is a software that runs Oil and Gas simulations (OLGA) and helps in calculating the fluid flow and ensures safe delivery to the destination on shore or a production ship. Enter evoleap, a Texas based flow assurance and custom software development services provider to the upstream oil and gas industry.

evoleap develops software that improves the efficiency of flow assurance engineering in the upstream oil and gas industry. While there are many engineering software applications in the space today, they tend to be unintuitive. evoleap’s software, on the other hand, is simple, efficient, and easy to use. The company helps organizations throughout a project’s lifecycle from writing functional requirement specifications, managing the tendering process, and contracting to testing, commissioning, and handover.

The company’s software is an evolutionary leap in engineering software that is simple, efficient, and easy to use. Designed by flow assurance engineers, evoleap’s obot tool simplifies simulation workflow and lets companies focus on engineering instead of hunting for licenses or building batch files. obot also analyzes license usage through which organizations can monitor the time spent on running failed simulations, average simulation time per-project or per-user, and more. It automatically tracks 30 different data points that can be analyzed in reports.

evoleap also provides flotools, a flow assurance software for pre-processing and post-processing simulation data from industry-standard modeling applications. Whether editing input files, creating, and running parametric studies, or plotting and analyzing simulation results in real time, flotools’ unparalleled ability powers it all.

evoleap’s software is an evolutionary leap in engineering software that is simple, efficient, and easy to use

The company’s experience in flow assurance, from design through operations and software development, positions it uniquely to offer advanced flow assurance solutions as well as workflow automation software for the upstream oil and gas industry. Specifically, evoleap’s expertise includes Pipeline Modeling, Process Modeling, Software Solutions, and Project Management. For instance, in Pipeline Modeling, evoleap provides steady-state and transient modeling of multiphase pipelines using OLGA and LedaFlow on over 50 different fields worldwide.

evoleap’s software practices find wide adoptions across many different use cases. For instance, Assured Flow Solutions (AFS) was facing problems in improving its efficiency and capacity of handling flow assurance. By adopting evoleap’s obot, the client was able to take advantage of the streamlined workflow. “We are very pleased with the support that evoleap has provided us. They have been very responsive and receptive to our feedback, which has included adding several features to accommodate the needs of our users,” says Tommy Golczynski, Managing Partner, Assured Flow Solutions.

evoleap’s business is based on the effort and trust of people with whom it works. The company strives to ensure that its products and services live up to the customer’s expectations and delivers on what was promised. evoleap believes in what it aspires to be and makes sure there is complete transparency with clients.


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Michael Zaldivar, Partner

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