Evolphin Software: High-Performance Digital Asset Management

Brian Ahearn, CEO
Creative businesses, like all other organizations, are striving to remain at the forefront of today’s cutthroat environment by overcoming the upsurge of market challenges. A major challenge in the media and entertainment space today is the problem of coordination and management of varied digital assets ranging from images to mobile applications. To help trim down such complexities, Evolphin Software steps into the arena equipping content creator enterprises with its suite of Digital Asset Management (DAM) products and services.

With the aid of its exclusive solution, Evolphin assists its clients in regulating the entire lifecycle of all digital assets from concept to final delivery. The company extends its services across diverse verticals including media, advertising, e-learning, broadcasting, and game development, helping them systematize their digital media content under one single repository.

In keeping with its core intent, Evolphin’s proprietary integrated software platform, Zoom—an innovative DAM solution—enables media agencies to stock any number of file types extracted from any device at any given time. The Zoom repository grants users access to all the requisite operations to control and distribute their content from a single console. Zoom harnesses a completely novel approach to handling media workflows through its robust assortment of features. The firm’s DAM solution enables organizations to rethink traditional strategies and move ahead of conventional approaches to digital asset and media asset management (DAM/ MAM). In addition, this unique software leverages the industry’s first high-performance, in-memory data deduplication, motivating enterprises to generate, share, and collect insights and provide rich media to their clients in the fastest way possible.

Evolphin’s Zoom renders an easy-to-use interface for users to record every iteration of any digital asset along with its related metadata. It also allows clients and other major stakeholders to collaborate and report suitable feedback in real-time, regardless of their location. Besides, it transfers finished projects to archival structures like LTO tape and secondary storage, while retaining search facility and visual components like thumbnails and high-quality previews.

Evolphin assists its clients in regulating the entire lifecycle of all digital assets from concept to final delivery

Zoom also imparts cutting-edge multi-user synchronized versioning, which is aptly complemented by its automated workflow engine. In this respect, analytics plays a vital role as it reveals deep insights into any creative business through the representation of KPIs and business-relevant metrics.

Another striking aspect of Evolphin is that it steers organizations to narrow down their attention on creative tasks by bringing high-level analytics into the picture, alongside products supported on numerous platforms. The company brings forth a broad array of toolsets that optimizes the creative process, thereby helping organizations to lower costs and prevent bottlenecks from hampering the timely execution of key projects.

Going by the extensive services that Evolphin delivers, it is quite evident why several firms across different industries today choose to deploy Zoom for managing their digital assets. To cite an example, CareFusion, a global medical technology corporation faced issues in tracing and validating source files for discrete training courses. Consequently, they approached Evolphin seeking a formula for version management and easy access to data. Zoom was the only solution in the market that catered to CareFusion’s aforementioned requirements.

In the present scenario, Evolphin, through its allocation of pioneering solutions, has emerged to become a leading power in the creative process management landscape. Evolphin looks forward to launching scalable, industry-driven solutions for the media and entertainment industry that adhere to the customer environment, as they work closely with clients to identify existing and future system requirements.

Evolphin Software

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Brian Ahearn, CEO

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