Evolutika: Customer Centric Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution

Igor Kucera, Solution Architect
With a wide range of applications available in the market, there are a few, which suits a customer’s needs, to make their business profitable. A customer is often baffled with the risks of its investment and return. Evolutika is addressing these concerns using a carefully selected portfolio of applications that offer the best benefit to the client with the best inter-operability. “We help clients by implementing business solutions according to their business needs. We understand a customer’s investment, and through Microsoft Dynamics NAV application together with our wine and spirits for import and distribution industry solution, our clients can avail a greater control and visibility providing a true perspective of where the business stands and the kind of profit they can expect,” begins Igor Kucera, Solution Architect, Evolutika.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to simplify and streamline business processes across the entire organization to help gain better control—visibility into the way business is performing, increasing margins, and driving profitable growth. And as a wine industry solution provider, “we have special requirements and focus on Microsoft’s core functionalities for easy and extendable solutions, to counter the simultaneous law changes and the government’s regulations—financial and legal requirements, such as complex pricing, product registration compliance, customer delinquency management etc. which varies from market-to-market,” he says.

Evolutika focuses on four different ‘to haves’ during each implementation —critical, must, prefer and wish. These four criteria lay the foundation of the company’s success. Evolutika is customer oriented organization that engages its clients in projects through discussion to make them aware of options, market needs risks and benefits.

“After the acquisition of Navision, Microsoft is inter-crediting all of its products like Microsoft Office or SharePoint to be integrated with DynamicsNAV, to make it more seamless and efficient. Also use of Microsoft SQL database provides opportunity for third party applications’ integration and complex interchange for maximum control and usability,” unfolds Kucera.
“Recently, Evolutika implemented a web portal for end users to enter chargebacks directly into Dynamics NAV designed as a platform independent solution,” explains Kucera.

“Why should clients vouch for us? Because we focus on what we deliver, and to whom in the organization it is being delivered,” says Kucera. For example, Evolutika maximizes the number of orders a user can enter, checks customer registration, license and minimizes duplicity of information so that a user can enter a sales order through a tablet or via a sales force automation application.

Offering experiences and dedication to successfully deliver tailor made wine & spirits industry solution to fit business needs

For instance, one of the clients integrated with a third party application for sales force automation and had issues with the cutoffs and data duplicity. Evolutika’s solutions allowed the customers enter directly into the Dynamics NAV, automatically creating the orders—according to the industry required rules built into the wine industry vertical solution built on Dynamics NAV ERP—and constructing a streamlined order process. “The sales rep can have a complete overview about the product’s information—its availability, whether it is dispatched or is on hold. Simplifying the long hourly work to minutes,” he says.

Evolutika migrated its solutions to Microsoft NAV, redesigned its salesforce automation processes and implements BI tools. While emphasizing to invest on peoples’ knowledge, Evolutika’s solution allows customers to test and see if their innovations fit their needs. The company offers many different approaches, like to provide data migration to its clients’—a fixed side of information. Moving forward, the company plans to create a scenario builder which would understand a client and educate them on the ability of the wine industry solution, based on a client’s perspective is what Evolutika foresees to do in its near future.


Paramus, NJ

Igor Kucera, Solution Architect

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV to deliver comprehensive business management functionality and compatible to suit the demanding wine & spirits industry’s needs