Evolution1: Facilitating Simplified Healthcare Processes

CIO VendorJeff Young, Chairman and CEO The healthcare industry is in the process of incorporating many recent and ongoing legislative changes. There have also been several changes in terms of current consumer demands and expectationsas related to self-service solutions for administering consumer directed healthcare (CDHC) and reimbursement accounts. Moreover, the ongoing non-transparency is another disruptive trend about these reimbursement processes themselves. In addition, the current reimbursement scenario tends to be complex and confusing. Often, it becomes tough to sort out the information and the process of reimbursement. All in all, these shortcomings are touted major factors affecting the overall sector. Given the situation, companies in the sector have to prioritize on solving the confusion. Carrying out this function with utmost dedication and expertise is Evolution1, under the leadership of Jeff Young, chairman and CEO.

In simple words, Evolution1 simplifies the business of healthcarethrough innovative software and payment solutions that handle consumer directed accounts.Evolution1 is the country’slargest electronic payment, on-premise, and cloud-based healthcare reimbursement solution.
The company relies upon its extensive partner network to help tackle the complexity prevailing in the industry. This widespread network of channel partners is comprised of large health plans, banks, payroll providers, private exchanges, and leading third-party administrators. The company’s stand-out cloud solutions are licensed and deployed through the network and provide a single end-to-end user experience for managing reimbursement accounts.

The company’s stand-out cloud solutions are licensed and deployed through the network and provide a single end-to-end user experience

Evolution1 partners include Alliance Benefit Group North Central States, Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, CieloStar, and PayChex, to name a few. Together with its partners, the company delivers industry-leading solutions to approximately 90,000 employers and more than 10,000,000 consumers across the United States.The industry remains unable to find similar solutions that match the superior customer and user experience enabled through Evolution1.

Moments of Pride

Evolution1 is proud of its achievements en route
to ensuring a more simplified healthcare industry.

The year 2013 saw about 33 percent growth in the number of consumers using Evolution1 platforms, and activations of 1Mobile by Evolution1® increased by about 100 percent. 1Cloud by Evolution1®secured billions of dollars in reimbursement and processed more than 66 million claims.

As another milestone, in each of the high-growth markets of HSA, HRA, and Wellness, Evolution1 account volumes grew by 40 percent. The company’s FSA growth continues to outpace the market, and Evolution1 powers more than 20 private exchange solutions with its Defined Contribution solution,1Plan by Evolution1®.

“These achievements are a result of our partners’ hard work, dedication, and determination,” explains Young. “Without our partners, we couldn’t do what do we, which is simplify the business of healthcare. Our success is built upon our partners’ success, and we are tremendously grateful for everything they do day in and day out.”

Plans for the Future
Since inception in 2001, Evolution1 has shown loyalty to its mission of simplifying the business of healthcare and will, together with its partners, continue to deliver on that mission through innovative technology, thought leadership, its commitment to the consumer and employee experience, continued growth, its and commitment to partner success.


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Jeff Young, Chairman and CEO

A provider of electronic payment, on-premise and cloud-based healthcare reimbursement solutions, working towards simplifying the business of healthcare