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Jon Fayard, COO-Data Center Design Solutions
Despite all the technology advances, data centers require a sound, reliable and efficient design with the ability to scale during live operations to meet client requirements. In the modern era, as data centers are becoming more complex and advanced, companies are demanding high-quality Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) platforms that provide clear visibility and increased data center efficiency, balancing supply and demand. As a one-stop-shop for end-to-end data center solutions, eVOLVE Data Center Solutions provides high-availability data center capabilities and services through a proven fast-track, turnkey, design-build methodology that caters to every essential need of critical data centers. “We not only supply equipment but also offer post construction maintenance and infrastructure monitoring for our clients,” says Jon Fayard, COO, eVOLVE Data Center Solutions.

Based in Houston, TX, eVOLVE delivers a lifecycle of data center services that cater to client-specific operations— from critical data center concepts to implementation and commissioning right-sized solutions, yielding maximum benefits to every client is the company’s focus. “We take on the responsibility for the entire data center ensuring delivery of each client’s customized requirements,” affirms Fayard. The company leverages its expertise to couple design with construction project management to complete projects on time, helping enterprises with their goal accomplishments. “We deliver our projects as quickly as possible without compromising on quality, in the most cost-effective manner.”

Post-construction, the firm ensures that data centers deliver maximum performance without fragmented operational workflows. eLERT— The Robust DCIM system—acts as a ‘watchdog’ of the entire data center, keeping watch on all equipment in the data center trending every detail. The data center infrastructure management product enables IT managers to view all data center systems and operations through a single pane of glass, while receiving instant alerts during abnormal conditions in real time.

We take on the responsibility for the entire data center ensuring delivery of each client’s customized requirements

To further ensure reliable uptime of data centers, the firm also provides infrastructure support services, facilitated by an in-house power generation team. “We have a patent pending technology within the power generation landscape so that we can sell, service, and maintain, generators, for all of our clients; as well as, UPSs, ATSs, PDUs, and cooling equipment,” says the COO.

The company foresees that real-time interactive systems are going to be the most effective methods to achieve uninterrupted data center operations. In this light, eVOLVE’s etag, a sophisticated CRM system, enables data center professionals to contact their 24/7 command center for immediate support that ensures each data center component, old or new, is operating properly and optimized. “By tracking alarm trends and precise naming conventions for devices, we can quickly identify any faulty equipment and dispatch for immediate action,” states Fayard.

Over the course of its history, eVOLVE has been pioneering a multitude of data center solutions for a broad base of organizations. The firm plans to roll out Quick Response Readers (QR Reader)— an intuitive scanning device with easy-to-use information screen—that enables even the non-technical professionals to efficiently scan for defective devices. “In an emergency, they have a tool to tell them what to do, whom to call, and immediately identify devices that need immediate attention to mitigate major problems before escalating it,” comments Fayard. As for the future, the company further plans for geographical expansion with new regional offices.

eVOLVE Data Center Solutions

Houston, TX

Jon Fayard, COO-Data Center Design Solutions

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