Evolven Software: Pioneering the ITOA Space

Sasha Gilenson, CEO
Today, IT is required to be more agile, supporting dynamic business demands as a partner of business. At the same time, IT is expected to maintain maximum stability, performance, and security for business systems. “While these IT demands constantly grow, they still need to be addressed with existing staff resources. So unfortunately, enterprise IT is still focused very much on firefighting to keep the systems running properly,” says Sasha Gilenson, CEO, Evolven Software. “IT needs to be able to automate its services and their management to avoid issues and have far more control over the environment without hindering flexibility. IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) plays a major role in addressing these challenges,” he adds.

Established in 2007, Evolven Software applies a new ITOA approach to accelerate incident resolution, avoid harmful and risky changes, and assess and optimize IT Operations performance. Evolven complements HP’s broad range product portfolio with its ITOA technology that adds a new strategic dimension as well as helps organizations unlock the power of the data collected by HP’s tools. “HP’s rich portfolio touches every aspect of IT management and collects huge amount of data,” asserts Gilenson. “Our approach is to apply powerful solutions to turn this overwhelming IT environment data into actionable information.”

Using the ITOA approach, Evolven allows IT Operations managers to know exactly what has changed in their environments and when, to maintain environment consistency, validate changes, and eliminate configuration drift. “Our ITOA solution is based on a firm belief that ‘change’ is the major source of instability, performance issues, and security threats in IT,” says Gilenson. “Part of our solution is a knowledgebase that calculates impact and severity of changes in various configurations attributes.
We apply analytics on everything that matters—the entire environment stack down to the most granular level,” he adds. “This generates more accurate and more powerful insights.”

Bringing a complete visibility approach—from physical and virtual data centers to hybrid cloud—is what sets Evolven ahead of the competition. “We do it in a manageable way that does not drown clients in exhaustive information,” states Gilenson. “We observe adjacent markets so we can learn from them and look for ideas in different areas. We are constantly looking for how to deliver more value and more efficiency while deepening our core capabilities such as domain expertise,” states Gilenson.

Since inception, Evolven has been helping organizations with its best-of-breed services. For instance, one client needed to execute a full production environment fallback into disaster recovery. Their production systems needed to run on the disaster recovery infrastructure for a couple of weeks. First there was concern about moving all their transactions to an infrastructure that had never been active, but then they used Evolven’s ITOA solution to compare the production and disaster recovery environments, and analyze their consistency. In a very short period of time, this helped the client discover critical differences and make successful corrections to their disaster recovery environment, making it ready for use.

Moving forward, Evolven aims to expand its services and global foot print. “At Evolven, we believe that ITOA is a hot space and there is still a lot to do as this space matures. We expect to see more intelligence in the data center and cloud. Within several years multiple vertical analytics solutions will merge into a unified analytics layer serving as a ‘brain’ for automated IT environments. Being a pioneer and innovator of the ITOA space, our goal is to provide this brain,” concludes Gilenson.

Evolven Software

Jersey City, NJ

Sasha Gilenson, CEO

A provider of IT Operations Analytics(ITOA) to accelerate incident resolution, avoid harmful and risky changes, and assess and optimize IT Operations performance