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Bruce S. Markowitz, Vice President
Today, lawyers and legal professionals understand the role of eDiscovery technology in sharing, and disseminating sensitive data in the growing world of Electrically Stored Information (ESI). However, the cost and security factors involved are some of the major impediments that have plagued the eDiscovery domain. Smaller, nimble companies like Evolver are bringing innovation into the market, allowing for more efficient, cost-effective, and secure eDiscovery. Evolver is a Virginia based technology company, providing comprehensive services across the EDRM including: forensic collection and preservation, processing, hosted review, and document production, as well as specialty software tools. In addition to eDiscovery, Evolver offers infrastructure, cloud and cybersecurity services. Their innovative approach to eDiscovery is that they look at it as part of an integrated system with infrastructure, information governance, cloud and security. eDiscovery is more than just search and retrieval to Evolver. “We use the latest technologies coupled with industry best practices to ensure risk management at every phase of the project lifecycle,” begins Bruce S. Markowitz, Vice President, eDiscovery, Evolver Legal Services.

A rising trend in eDiscovery is the management of different data types - Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and structured databases. Evolver’s in-house development team saw a need for the ability to review and redact these different data types and developed two specialty tools to do just that, XLerator and SDreview.

XLerator, a secure tool available in the cloud, allows users to review and redact Microsoft Excel files and produce them in a native format. “XLerator helps achieve significant savings in time and cost when compared to traditional redaction methods,” says Markowitz. XLerator allows for full, targeted, and global text redactions and a full audit history of applied redactions.

XLerator helps achieve significant savings in time and cost when compared to traditional redaction methods

Reviewing structured data has also become a challenge to eDiscovery attorneys. Increasingly, information from databases must be included in discovery data sets. Evolver developed SDreview to provide easy management and production of structured data. This cloud-based platform allows users to cull, search, review, redact, and produce structured data from a variety of data types such as SharePoint, Oracle, SQL and Salesforce.com. Users can look through hundreds and thousands of rows of structured data quickly and cost effectively before production. Similar to XLerator, SDreview has the ability to use redaction to anonymize data for HIPPA and other data privacy needs.

In addition to Evolver’s proprietary tools, Evolver is also a Relativity Best in Service provider and specializes in managing large and complex cases in kCura’s Relativity application. Evolver continues to leverage innovation by recognizing the secure, scalable and flexible nature of the cloud and adopting the use of it for eDiscovery. They are the first company to run Relativity on the AWS cloud. Evolver of-fers private, public and hybrid cloud options for their clients depending on their specific needs.

“Our specialty litigation tools and cloud technology keeps us at a very unique position in the market,” says Markowitz. In the future, the company aims to expand XLerator to review and redact the complete Microsoft Office suite.


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Bruce S. Markowitz, Vice President

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