Exabeam: Eliminating Insider Threats through Insightful Analytics

Nir Polak, Co-founder & CEO
The exponential growth in the number of cyberthreats has become a colossal obstacle for overloaded incident response teams to identify and respond to attacks in time. Burden of work and novelty in cyberattacks impel internal security teams to adopt various methodologies and security solutions. However, conventional methodologies fail to detect cyberthreats in advance and their inability leads to the creation of an insecure environment. San Mateo, CA based Exabeam empowers internal response teams and security operations centers (SOC) with its cutting-edge platform that facilitates data collection, threat detection, and incident response. The company’s user behavior analytics solution leverages existing log data to quickly detect modern cyberattacks, prioritize security incidents, and accelerate effective response. “We’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional security intelligence market, as the rise of identity-based and insider attacks—via stolen or misused credentials—requires a new approach,” says Nir Polak, CEO, Exabeam.

The cybersecurity firm trumps its peers with its holistic security information and event management (SIEM) platform that creates a secure operating environment for its clients. The platform leverages advanced data science and open source big data solutions to manifest a robust security mechanism through five modules, namely Advanced Analytics, Incident Responder, Cloud Connectors, Log Manager, and Threat Hunter. Deployable as a physical appliance (in multiple sizes) or as a cloud-ready virtual machine, the platform is inclusive of collection agents and parsers for more than 500 data sources. To support compatibility with major OS vendors, the Exabeam platform is designed to operate in Windows as well as Linux environments.

Harnessing the power of deep learning and specialized statistical risk models, Exabeam’s Advanced Analytics module detects insider threats, compromised accounts, and data loss. The module also includes users’ and entities’ behavior data and third-party security alerts to proactively find vulnerabilities.

We’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional security intelligence market

The solution plays a crucial role in reducing investigation time, as it can recreate an entire attack chain through the amalgamated normal and anomalous behavioral data.

Exabeam acknowledges the momentousness of threat detection mechanisms in this age of hacking and cyberespionage and provisions incident responders to tackle insider threats and other incidences. The module adheres to pre-defined incident workflows and playbooks to tackle malware alerts, phishing incidents, data loss alerts, and insider issues allowing users to configure the playbooks as per the operational requirements. It also performs a multitude of autonomous tasks that range from resetting user passwords to controlling endpoint machines.

Though businesses strive to undertake threat detection process to the granular level, conventional SIEMs fail to supersede boundaries of systems due to inherent limitations of query-language based techniques. Exabeam’s Threat Hunter proves to be an important armor in the arsenal of analysts to create new and complex queries without tracing a learning curve of proprietary query language. With user sessions, analysts can easily discern and follow complex, multi-stage attacks. The module also enables organizations to anticipate emerging threats and find users with unusual behaviors.

With multiple awards and recognitions under its belt, Exabeam is set to stamp its authority in the arena of cybersecurity and assuage alarming situations for businesses. Exabeam also aims to foray into other geographies with its cutting-edge solutions. As threats of security exploits due to insider and outsider forces loom over businesses, the company is bound to tap a great array of business opportunities.


San Mateo, CA

Nir Polak, Co-founder & CEO

Analytics engine that quickly detects and prioritizes cyber attacks to accelerate effective response