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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enables companies to unlock superior lead conversion by helping them to deliver the right message to the right audience. However, many companies fail to make the most of the solution due to the complexities around its customization, architecture, continuous enhancement, maintenance, and integration with existing systems. This is where Exadel makes a world of difference, helping clients— including Fortune 500 companies—distill these complexities, attain maximum value from their AEM platform, and communicate their message effectively. The company caters to B2B and B2C clients across various industries and operates in more than 11 countries.

Exadel, a global software engineering, business consultancy and solutions company, holistically helps clients choose the right marketing tools, approach, and architecture. For instance, the company’s MarTech Practice, as a part of the Adobe Solution Partner Program, enables multi-channel content distribution and helps its clients sites run perfectly for optimal user experience, which ultimately drives sales. “We help clients leverage the right tools and bridge the gaps to make AEM more user-friendly and productive to align with their continuously evolving marketing needs,” says Lev Shur, President of Solutions at Exadel.

Be it greenfield development involving building everything from scratch, migrating from a different platform to AEM, or just scaling within the AEM platform, Exadel can help with any MarTech strategy. The company works closely with the clients to assist them in adding additional features or integrating AEM with other existing systems to ensure seamless functioning of marketing operations. It also recommends scaling a team with a specific skillset to handle the entire process of building a customized MarTech strategy.

Exadel has developed open source, purpose-built solutions for the Adobe community. “Our open source solutions not only help developers build features faster with better quality, they also enable users of platforms, such as publishers, to publish content faster with fewer errors,” says Vladislav Baranov, Director of the MarTech Practice at Exadel. In essence, the solutions ensure the overall health of Adobe platforms, providing better performance and resolving other issues, such as broken links that are embedded into websites.
Taking an agile approach, Exadel starts the client engagement process with a discovery session where they evaluate the current state of the client’s technology and seek to understand their business goals, timeframes, budget requirements, and limitations. Accordingly, the company designs a roadmap, proceeds with implementation and provides day-to-day support and maintenance.

We help clients leverage the right tools and bridge the gaps to make AEM more user-friendly and productive to align with their continuously evolving marketing needs

Exadel recently helped a US-based tech company improve its engagement with customers. The client wanted to extend its current website to create a unique experience for visitors while increasing the site’s usefulness as a sales tool. Exadel went in as a participating vendor and took charge of the website architecture, back- and front-end development, and quality assurance strategy. The company built a solution based on Adobe Marketing Suite, including AEM, Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics. Its experienced team of certified AEM experts covered every facet of development and used modern tech stacks to ensure the best possible customer experience solution. Exadel’s team made various architecture and optimization improvement recommendations to increase SEO performance and ensure compliance with Google page speed recommendations. Its AEM Architect ensured that all code and configurations were in accordance with Adobe AEM standards. As a result, visitors started exhibiting greater intent, spending more time on the site, surfing through more content, and contacting the client more frequently.


Walnut Creek, CA

Lev Shur, President of Solutions and Vladislav Baranov, Director of theMarketing Technology Practice

Exadel is a global software engineering, business consultancy and solutions company that helps clients in choosing the right marketing tools, approach, and architecture