EXB Solutions: Testing Systems For Creating Application-Level Software

Chris Schwartzbauer, CEO
The need for strict adherence to standards, regulations and guidelines becomes a necessity as more software moves into several components of aircraft including both Military and Commercial as well as land and sea vehicles. EXB Solutions, a company located in Minneapolis, MN, meets high standards of regulated industries by providing mission-critical and safety-critical software and systems.

Established in the year 2000, EXB Solutions yields large number of services that hover around the software development lifecycle and ensures that companies build the desired software which functions accurately. EXB Solutions, which is composed fundamentally of systems engineers, deals with design review, requirement analysis, test development, test execution/automation, Systems and software modeling and simulation, training evaluation and design development. Its strongest suit ranges from requirements and verification of medical and avionic engineering systems for compliance with specification and standards. Chris Schwartzbauer, CEO of EXB Solutions says, “As a systems engineering company, we look at everything we do through the lens of testing. By doing this, we help companies shorten their development lifecycle, save money and time along with ensuring that what they are building will meet the requirements and standards they have set.”

EXB’s TestCompass®, a proprietary tool of the company, encompasses customizable and flexible set of constant advisory and testing checks. It includes enhanced tools and methods for refinement while creating rigorous software and systems development projects. TestCompass® has improved the front end process by removing many of the human errors in test design and execution and can help efficiently execute test procedures in a client’s existing test environment. With the use of TestCompass®, EXB Solutions has saved its clients hundreds of hours of human effort on individual projects.
One of the key clients of EXB solutions required a technology that needed to retrofit aircraft, and EXB Solutions presented them with the services of TestCompass that auto-generated half a million lines of test code and 357 new test procedures all together; many were auto-executed on the target device. In this way the company was able to complete 100 percent of regression testing and auto-generate status and test code coverage reports on a weekly basis.

EXB Solutions’ foremost clientele is comprised of top aircraft makers like General Dynamics, Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin and Airbus. EXB Solutions offers its services to large and mid-sized companies that build mission-critical and safety-critical embedded and application-level software for customers and their business partners. It has worked for numerous government-centric contracts such as Army Future Combat Systems/BCTM, NASA’s Orion spacecraft and Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller. Apart from offering services to the aerospace sector, the firm serves other industries that include medical, government, utilities, defense and high-tech industries.

A Senior Systems Engineer at Boeing says, “Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working on a day-to-day basis with the EXB Solutions Team supporting the verification and validation of the Honeywell-developed Flight Control Electronics for the Boeing 787. During that period I have come to appreciate the dedication, initiative, and competence of EXB Solutions team.”

EXB Solutions envisions expanding its capabilities to many other verticals, and allowing customers to leverage its services.

EXB Solutions

Minneapolis, MN

Chris Schwartzbauer, CEO

Offers services to large and mid-sized companies that build missioncritical and safety-critical embedded application-level software for internal use.