Excedis Corporation: Business Intelligence Solutions for Predictive Analytics

Patrick Hogan, Co-Founder & CEO
For companies distilling Big Data databases, the advanced queries answered questions progressively and have reached the point of addressing, ‘What is going to happen in the future?’ For Excedis, with their vast expertise in data warehousing and Business Intelligence, predictive analysis was the next logical step in the evolution of their product vision. To have a richer source of data than the competition and to work faster on the data, Patrick Hogan, Co-Founder and CEO of Excedis says, “We specialize in developing Hadoop based operational intelligence solutions which allow our customers to deploy next-generation, in-memory business intelligence solutions at a fraction of the costs of traditional vendor offered BI/DW solutions.”

While most of the data resides inside an enterprise, the data from social for instance resides outside the firewall. Excedis’s differentiator in the market is the end-to-end approach in introducing Big Data into a client’s operation. From a technology standpoint, Excedis is able to quickly configure the magic black box allowing data resident on multiple servers across the world to be accessible for a single viewpoint. The in-memory search ability allows the data to be quickly drilled into. The scalability features allow this information to be displayed on any device for customers to receive the right information at the right time in a format they can appreciate.

The complete three layered ecosystem comprising of Excedis, Hadoop and Elastisearch provides data visualization, predictive analysis, guided data exploration and data quality functionality

The company’s senior subject matter experts understand which Key Performance Indices are of mission critical status and need to be addressed so that management by exception can be performed and future projections made more accurate.Most companies and information technology professionalsunderstand the value in managing their data in ways that are cheaper, faster and that allow for better analytics.Open source has thousands of developers working globally to develop and enhance products continuously. Excedis is an open source Hadoop-based real-time, distributed Big Data application platform.

Built for Hadoop from the ground up, Excedis works on top of Hadoop’s scalability coupled with the speed of Elasticsearch in-memory database. The complete three layered ecosystem comprising of Excedis, Hadoop and Elastisearch provides data visualization,predictive analysis, guided data exploration and data quality functionality to companies providing a ready-made solution for cyber security, fraud detection, clickstream analysis and global logistics in addition to all traditional operational metrics. “Our mission is to add real business value to the rapidly emerging Hadoop ecosystem marketplace,” says Hogan.

Excedis Big Data apps are built for the industry verticals like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, IT and public sector. In the financial services sector, for a large New York based investment bank, the Excedis team had over 9 million third-party data and signal sets to be used to enhance the predictive effectiveness of their solution. By using the company’s technology, the data source was refined down to 7000 possible data sets and signals of which 20 were selected to act as predictors into their Hadoop-based operational intelligence engine. “Using the processing power of Hadoop, we were able to run a sizable number of learning cycles (epochs) until we could teach our predictive analysis engine to successfully predict the market and beat it on average by approximately 3 percent,” says Hogan.

Reiterating the need to add business value to the rapidly emerging Hadoop ecosystem marketplace, Hogan says, “Excedis alleviates the challenges faced by companies such as unavailability of qualified and experienced Hadoop professionals, by providing ready-build solutions.”


Palo Alto, CA

Patrick Hogan, Co-Founder & CEO and Tom Ripley, Co-Founder & President

Provides in-memory business intelligence solutions.