Exceedra: Analytics-driven CPG Operations

Big data analytics acts as a key “technology-enabler” in the CPG arena as it generates insights and drives important business decisions. However, when many CPG companies are yet to realize the potential of big data and analytics technology, London-based Exceedra harnesses the power of analytics to help suppliers engage consumers and retailers, and boost profitability. “We are committed to driving value for our CPG clients globally, by integrating business planning and optimization analysis to improve the overall performance in trade promotion management for CPG companies,” says Richard Nicholas, Co-founder and Director of Exceedra. The company pushes boundaries to give consumers highly personalized, real-time experiences, and to massively accelerate decision-making process underpinning the business.

“Our goal is to become the de facto solution for integrated business planning and revenue management for consumer goods worldwide,” says Nicholas. Exceedra delivers Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software to leverage contextual insight and real-time ad-hoc analytics to CPG companies. The Exceedra system follows a closed-loop, integrated business planning process and revenue management activities to propel control, better decision-making, and visibility across the enterprise.

Building greater intelligence and predictability, Exceedra’s state-of-the-art TPM solution streamlines and improves annual Sales and Operations (S&OP) for its clients. The company provides the right system components and capabilities designed with best practices in integrated planning and revenue management—including TPM, TPO, post event analysis and customer business planning—all integrated into a flexible modular solution. Exceedra supports a collaborative S&OP process and provide real-time visibility to the latest plan estimates across sales, finance, marketing, demand and supply planning.

For Exceedra, every client is unique in their demands and look for the right solution and services to meet their requirements. They ensure that every solution is client-configured and includes a full spectrum of capabilities for uninterrupted function. “We have always put the customer at the heart of the business, and believed that enterprise solutions should be simplified for the end user whilst still delivering major business benefits,” says Nicholas. The company takes a modular approach that allows organizations to add more sophistication and capability as the organization evolves.

Eventually, this results in addressing the key challenges in TPM and optimization, demand management, and S&OP. “Our expert consultants draw on rich industry and project experience so we can understand your business and guide you to best-practice integrated business planning and revenue management,” he adds.

We understand your business and guide you to best-practice integrated business planning and revenue management

Exceedra worked with Vision Express, a retailer of designer and own-label glasses. The client was looking to implement a direct sourcing model to reduce supply chain lead-times, hence allow suppliers to be better aligned with the UK market’s needs in terms of product development. Though the client initially had implemented a SAP forecasting solution, it did not meet the specific business needs. As a remedy to the situation, Exceedra employed its powerful yet flexible QFX forecasting engine which manages all the varied types of demand profiles found in retail, and most importantly, for new products. The solution went live within 4 weeks of agreeing contracts, including interfacing to the company’s SAP enterprise system. A single Demand Planner now manages the client’s distribution center forecasts for all products, including glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and accessories.

Recently, Exceedra was recognized as the ‘CGT’s Reader’s Choice ‘Best-In-Class’ TPM Provider,’ for 5 consecutive years, including in 2017. Demonstrating leadership in the area of integrated business planning for the consumer goods industry, Exceedra is committed to drive value for consumer goods clients and build happy customers at every step.


Charlotte, NC

Richard Nicholas, Co-founder & Director

Provider of integrated business planning and revenue management systems for CPG that includes trade promotion management and optimization, customer business planning