Exenta: Creating a Difference with Fashion

Roberto Mangual, CEO “Fashion became fun again!” says Sebastian Lopez, owner of Zoe Moda, in a shrill voice that revealed both excitement and relief as he began to sketch his burdened twenty-hour workdays’ routine without Exenta’s PLM REVO. The clock ticked slower than usual for Lopez while he sat in his office to comb through piles of spreadsheets, partial tech packs and multiple images—trying to piece orders together, get them right, and deliver them on time. The scenario outside his cabin was no different. Lopez’s employees were juggling with multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to manage most of their data. Zoe Moda was running on an old PLM system, which required its dedicated team for maintenance, adding up to the expenditure. “I was losing big opportunities in the market because we were not fast enough. I needed something easy and user-friendly for my employees,” says Lopez recalling his troubled days. That was the turning point when Lopez decided to make the switch for his company to an innovative PLM solution that is cloud-based, cost-effective, and easy to implement. After intense research, Lopez settled for Exenta’s PLM REVO, which not only allowed him to spend his valuable time in areas that mattered most, but also help them discard the tedious spreadsheets, and make workers happier. Greater business generation, continued growth, increased efficiencies, satisfied customers, and of course inflated profitability for everyone involved in the supply chain is the live embodiment of satisfaction that Topez and his team received after implementing PLM REVO.

Zoe Moda is not the only organization that got stuck in such an overwhelming situation while dealing with legacy PLM systems. Today’s fashion and soft goods brands and retailers are challenged to evolve with the times and meet consumer demands of faster and innovative products. It’s time to take a fresh look at PLM software, without wasting time on complex and cumbersome systems. The need of the hour is a PLM solution that depicts the power to instantly turbocharge product lifecycle by seamlessly integrating data, processes, business systems, and people.
Exenta, an enterprise software company, providing a solution for the fashion and soft goods industries, brings its state-of-art PLM REVO as a game changer to accelerate product development cycle, reduce costs and overruns, while tracking and managing schedules. PLM REVO takes user experience to the next level by eliminating tedious data entry to keep designers creative, and by automating time-consuming processes to fast track products to market.

Exenta provides a complete suite of cloud, web-based and mobile solutions that are designed to help today’s leading companies solve their most complex business challenges

Exenta understands that today, companies cannot miss out on any opportunity to rise the trajectory of success, especially while modernizing their technological infrastructure. Bringing in a fresh approach to win the game, Exenta provides a complete suite of cloud, web-based and mobile solutions that are designed to help today’s leading companies solve their most complex business challenges. Apart from PLM REVO, the company brings to the table an ERP solution that manages the entire business and supply chain. Contrasting traditional ERP systems, Exenta’s ERP can be easily customized to streamline order-to-cash, strengthen financial controls, while automating various critical processes. Exenta has also architected a unique shop floor control (SFC) solutions that facilitate real-time visibility of a shop floor, which in turn upscales efficiency and productivity, and speed up on-time deliveries. By integrating processes and information, end-to-end solutions’ of Exenta empowers apparel, footwear, accessory and related businesses to have a responsive internal and supply chain operations, make informed decisions, and indulge in higher levels of collaboration and customer satisfaction that drives sales.

Exenta marks a difference in the industry through its ‘Proven Path’ methodology, which is a robust engagement tool designed to augment planning, implementation, go-live process, and operational lifecycles.
The upshot is rapid ROI and low cost of ownership. The company’s highly trained experts, armed with industry expertise to deliver quick response and support resolutions seamlessly, walk hand in hand with the customers throughout their journey.

No Limits

Exenta’s every product and service initiative is spearheaded by a team of dedicated business warriors, who are committed to addressing clients’ most challenging situations. This team is driven by a core philosophy of ‘Without Limits’ when working with a client to reduce operating costs, ease deployment of critical information, and enable faster and informed decisions-making. This drive for excellence begins with Exenta’s CEO, Roberto Mangual, who has unrelenting focus, operational expertise and strategic vision for the company. Mangual himself lives his life ‘Without Limits,’ and his passion and commitment are evident in every aspect of his life. “Much like my love of the martial arts, designing and building custom cars has had a real and lasting impact on many aspects of both my personal and professional life,” says Mangual. As the helmsman of Exenta, Mangual conveys that there are no shortcuts and it requires absolute focus to keep track of multiple metrics and make decisions based on both experience and skill. “There is a certain harmony that comes from being completely engaged in a project, whether it is building a car or building a company,” he continues. Mangual’s love for cars and car building has enriched his life beyond measure, bestowing him with the necessary expertise to thrive Exenta.

"There’s a certain harmony that comes from being completely engaged in a project, whether it is building a car or building a company"

Honing his expertise each day by being dedicated to his passion, Mangual is also determined to take the company forward by vigorously spinning the wheels of Exenta’s innovation lab. The company recently unveiled a groundbreaking new Shopfloor 3PM (Third-Party Manufacturing) cloud solution. The solution is designed to enable retailers, brands, sourcing and production executives to achieve remote real-time visibility into order status, work-in-process, and other manufacturing activities. Mangual is also closing examining the possibilities of uniting blockchain, AR and VR and fashion, which customers will soon get to experience through a series of product launch in the future.


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Roberto Mangual, CEO

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