ExoNetworx: Creating the Power of Simplicity on AWS

Robert Zdancewicz, President
An early adopter with the agenda of ”Think Different”, Robert Zdancewicz, President of ExoNetworx, continues to eliminate the misconception of cloud technology amongst its clients. “I can still sense the fear revolving around cloud as it sounds to be complex, posing a challenge for end users. So we decided to make it easy to consume Cloud Services by providing pre-packaged SW solutions in a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform along with a Cloud billing platform that simplifies, tracks, manages and optimizes AWS usage across all customer accounts,” states Zdancewicz.

Founded in 2003, ExoNetworx offers a wide range of solutions on the AWS platform. EXO’s pre-packaged solutions for users NEW to AWS services, help clients easily navigate the scenarios in production, backup recovery, application hosting and management. The company’s Cloud Hosting for IBM Connection solution hosts a fully managed virtual collaboration platform, without the cost of hardware or associated maintenance in as little as one week. Similarly, EXO SharePoint 2010 Founda-tion enables clients to launch a multi server environment with a simple click for pre-configured, production grade SharePoint cloud Infrastructure. By leveraging Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), EXO provides packaged solutions for Cloud Backup to reduce backup costs by up to 50 percent for Cloud Archive and Oracle Database, all on a predictable monthly fee. EXO also offers AWS Web Hosting for Enterprise that delivers highly available production web hosting on AWS leveraging Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to deliver resizable compute capacity within minutes. “All these solutions, and more, are crafted exclusively for cost-effective management purposes, thereby enhancing faster decision mak-ing and execution within the organization,” explains Zdancewicz.

“Today’s tech- savvy buyers demand flexibility and near instantaneous results when moving to the cloud. However, with simplicity and freedom comes a greater need for CIOs to manage and optimize their overall AWS spend”, explains Zdancewicz. For instance, when a manufacturing company approached EXO to upgrade their infrastructure, they suggested moving some of their services to the Cloud “We performed the initial migration for free and managed the entire process. The entire transition took only few days,” says Zdancewicz. The client was also relieved from the task of writing proposals, vendor selection, system setup and commissioning.
After witnessing EXO’s efficiency, the client decided to move more of their services to cloud. EXO deployed their solutions and completed the whole process within two months, which resulted in predictable costs and highly scalable infrastructure capacity. Productivity went up, costs went down and downtime was significantly reduced.

EXO continues to lead in this market with their AWS consolidated billing model. “What sets us apart is that our Billing tool gives an enterprise view of AWS usage to manage overall spending. We track usage across the enterprise with dashboard views and customized reports that users can drill down into the granular details for fast department charge backs. We bring together all customer accounts including individual departments under one PO,” Zdancewicz says.

EXO’s pre-packaged solutions are formulated with no term, no cancellation fee, and no commitment. Its assurance and insurance strategy ensures that the customer is comfortable in moving to the cloud in their first step to

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transitioning more services. Basically, such a step reduces the pressure when implementing more complex solutions like IaaS, PaaS and AaaS. “The Cloud is here to stay, it’s how we assist our clients in getting there to take advantage of fast deployments, scalable infrastructure while paying only for what they use,” asserts Zdancewicz.

Moving forward, Zdancewicz would like to see existing AWS customers migrate to EXO’s AWS Consolidated Billing Platform. The process is simple and the client’s current relationship with AWS remains. The only difference is that EXO does the AWS billing and they ensure they can reduce cost, in some cases up to 30 percent, within three months. “It’s FREE and what’s not great about reducing costs,” says Zdancewicz.


Richmond Hill, ON

Robert Zdancewicz, President

ExoNetworx has been a trailblazer in delivering IT resources in an easy and consumable cloud platform.