Exostrategies: A Toolkit for Enterprise Architecture

Daniel Heimerdinger, President & CEO
“In today’s fast paced world, organizations struggle to keep their plans up to date and in line with ever changing objectives, innovations, and trends,” cites, Daniel Heimerdinger, President and CEO of Exostrategies. To this end, the Woodland Park, CO based firm offers Enterprise Architecture (EA) management services that focus not only on IT infrastructure but also work toward integrating core enterprise elements. The firm also looks upon the architectural expansion through the lens of affordability and solves the complex balance—betwixt technical trades associated with architectural objectives and topologies. Exostrategies believes in the approach that EA is a natural extension of a company’s strategic plan and data-driven process that links with project portfolio and risk register and also provides an effective means for integrated enterprise assessment. The firm’s tools and processes emphasizes harmonization and integration of enterprise architecture documentation and modeling, EA and EA transition costs, and quantifying levels of risk acceptance.

As a solution-oriented company, Exostrategies vests attention at changing the way government and business views EA. Setting a revolutionary trend, Exostrategies strives to shape the future of EA into a data-driven, collaborative environment. It effectively integrates various business practices into an EA discipline where architecture business objectives, affordable evolution planning, and project and investment portfolio management are fundamentally dependent on one another. This innovative approach not only enables efficiencies and cost saving across the organization, but also provides detailed scheduling and budget analysis capabilities that clearly predicts how and when cost strategic growth will happen.

Exostrategies’ Enterprise Architects provide a unique method to architecture development by focusing on Integrated Operational Architecture (IOA). Exostrategies develops tools and processes that allow the expansion of frameworks to guide the interactive process for architecture management and decision support. As efficient problem solvers, Exostrategies handle numerous tasks in a challenging environment by constantly innovating.

Architex—the firm’s Enterprise Framework Manager Tool which leverages a structured architecture modelling process is one of their core offerings for EA management.

We created Integrated Decision Support Service (IDS2) and the cloud-based Architex decision support suite to help customers achieve architectural objectives

Exostrategies, created Integrated Decision Support Service (IDS2) and the cloud-based Architex decision support suite to help customers achieve architectural objectives within budget at acceptable levels of enterprise risk. “We anticipate our customers’ needs and provide better decisional information before it becomes a crisis and a major expense,” notes Heimerdinger. IDS2 process balances high-level demand-driven capability to reduce mitigation projects and achieve the architectural objectives albeit with higher risk of achieving the required architectural capabilities.

Architex is has been widely sought by both federal and commercial customers. Architex provides access to pre-built frameworks, such as the Department of Defense Architectural Framework (DoDAF), as well as augmented and custom frameworks that extend modeling, analysis, and reporting options to meet decision support objectives. It provides data collection and management, promotes teamwork and data collaboration, and enables “What-if” analyses. In addition, Architex facilitates customers by giving them the ability to create topologies that identify optimum strategies for investment based on key architectural vulnerabilities.

The client success stories add credence to the unique work culture of the organization that helps them view architectural evolution as a measure of affordability and balance between the programmatic trades and the technical trades associated with architectural objectives. For the future, the firm is gearing up to break new ground in the EA space with its solutions to benefit its customers across the globe.


Woodland Park, CO

Daniel Heimerdinger, President & CEO

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