Exous: A Blueprint for Business-Critical Growth

As an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in financial services technology, Adnane Charchour is well versed in the nitty-gritty of the FinTech sector. Knowing the industry this close, he is well aware of what goes into launching a startup in the FinTech sector. “It is like jumping off a cliff, particularly in today’s ever-disrupting FinTech and technology space. There’s intensity, vulnerability, plus the bar has been raised in regard to speed of execution, barriers to entry and risk profiles. Despite having so many great ideas and innovations out there, many founders can see their startups end in obscurity or fail without the right execution,” he adds. Leveraging Charchour’s extensive experience, Exous assists FinTech startups to get better penetration in the marketplace through its consultation services, from venture funding and project implementation to sales enablement and digital marketing. “We’re here to deliver business empowerment and make sure that we’re doing our part to keep FinTech and technology innovation moving upwards and onwards,” says Charchour, president and CEO of Exous.

Following the mission of enabling FinTech startups to ‘chart the path from $0 to 40 million revenue,’ Exous’ client journey begins with a startup assessment to identify a respective firm’s business lifecycle—i.e. pre-seed, early- and pre-revenue, mid-, or mature stage. Based on this assessment, Exous offers tailored services to help them advance their business to the next level. Whether the client is looking to jump-start a development project or build out a custom solution, the Exous team delivers the technical expertise to meet their unique needs on a project or on-demand staff augmentation basis. With a team of FinTech specialists onboard, the company brings to table the required expertise and know-how for powering business-critical growth for startups.

For clients looking for business strategy assistance, the company delivers business advisory and funding services. “In case of a completely new startup, we offer a CEO, CIO, and CMO in a box service, where we bring these three levels of expertise to existing teams and then complement with technology and digital marketing resources as needed. Essentially, we help startups implement a complete business strategy,” says Charchour. Alongside advisory needs, Exous also assists clients in capital raising strategies, facilitating intros and demo presentations across its venture capital network, acting as consultants to help startups achieve their funding goals.
“Bootstrapping, fundraising, and building a firm and its tech infrastructure from the ground up—that is what we help startups with.”

Exous creates an entire ecosystem that not only provides executive-level strategy but also offers tactical implementation from an IT perspective. Along with software engineers and product design, the company provides digital marketing expertise and implementation to create a brand. Evidently, Exous gives clients a foolproof environment that can solve not only their technology, business or strategy issues, but also take care of marketing and sales drive.

Bootstrapping, fundraising, and building a firm and its tech infrastructure from the ground up—that is what we help startups with

Helmed by Charchour, who brings a distinguished and proven track record in the financial services industry, Exous is successfully achieving its goals in providing superior technology-based consulting services to the FinTech industry. With an emphasis on FinTech and technology, Exous is tapping into various touch points of today’s evolving commercial market. “For us, that means building on our consulting ecosystem and developing a comprehensive platform to serve both freelancers and project owners across the FinTech and greater technology world,” says Charchour. Additionally, the company’s ambitious initiatives are underway with projects that bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to the forefront of today’s on-demand workforce. “Powering that expansion with the mechanisms surrounding cryptocurrency, particularly blockchain and taking advantage of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) is a top priority for us as we move through our next stage of growth,” he concludes.


New York, NY

Adnane Charchour, President & CEO

Provides business empowerment services from venture funding and project implementation to sales enablement and digital marketing