Expand Systems: Million Colors on Fabric Loaded through Digital Push

Marck Sawchak, Founder & CEO
Businesses are increasingly going digital to explore new possibilities. The textile industry is no exception to this trend. Fast changing fashion trends, color-rich fabrics, and flashy design patterns have one source to look up to, the digital textile printing. Enabling designers, entrepreneurs and other enterprises to cash in on the digital textile printing benefits is Expand Systems that offers customized machines for direct digital printing on fabric along with ink and software.

With DIY practices gaining wide support and traction, Expand Systems, enables designers and customers to print in-house for their textile printing needs. Speeding up the entire process from planning to execution through final product, the digital printing solutions from the company offer viable business prospects for the interested parties. With support for millions of colors that can be converged into the print design, digital printing gives a refreshing experience in textile design. Digital printing solutions from Expand Systems facilitate instant decision making for any changes in the design pattern for their printing requirements. As the company promotes manufacturing locally, it paves the way to rein in on heavy cost incursions that usually are a norm in the offshore manufacturing business practices. Its digital printing solutions help in reducing turn-around times in producing a printed material.

Expand Systems has several digital printing machines that can be broadly classified into four categories: Class I–Diva models can print 10-15 yards per hour depending on the resolution mode in 8 colors at 64” wide. These printers are ideal for sampling and short runs. The company also offers pre-treatment solution that enhances the color gamut and crock fastness with their Nano-pigment ink. Its fabric handling system on the MC3 printer enables printing on several fabric types including natural fiber fabrics, knits, blends, nylon for flags, and direct on polyester. The solid-grit roller system facilitates customization in choosing the fabric for its textures, weight and width. At the next level is the Class II–MS JP5 printer that can print up to 40 square yards per hour while allowing to do 4-way stretch fabrics.

Digital Printing machines are enabling retailers to take up orders in bulk for big brands and deliver in time

With the capacity to print up to 160 meters per hour depending on resolution and number of printheads, Class III–MS JP6 digital printer uses the Kyocera Series print head. Its open architecture approves using of Kyocera approved ink and users’ preferred RIP software. It also offers Class III–MS JPK Evo, developed by MS Printing Solutions, that allows purchasing and installation of additional rows after the initial installation of the printer. It uses the Kyocera print head technology and MS technology enabling 16 drop sizes. Class I–LaRio is the advanced direct digital printing machine with speed up to 70 meters per minute with support for open architecture for ink and RIP software.

Expand Systems with its direct digital printing on fabric solutions is enabling e-Commerce business such as Spoonflower to blossom in the textile printing market. Backed by the promise Expand Systems’ printing solutions, Spoonflower has established a successful platform for designers to sell their fabric designs. The company also supports entrepreneurs and educational institutions in their pursuit to make a difference in the business and science related to direct digital printing on fabric technology.

With lean manufacturing making quite some noise in the manufacturing industry, Expand Systems looks forward to expand its footprint in the textile industry through its direct digital printing on fabric printers, software, and ink. With markets including luxury fashion, décor, and home furnishings showing interest in the digital textile printing, it’s time that the market adopts the more ‘sustainable’ forms of manufacturing driven by digital.

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Marck Sawchak, Founder & CEO

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