Expedience Software: Automating Proposals to Increase Wins

Jason Anderson, Vice President of Sales
The creation of business proposals can be a frustrating process fraught with tedious cut-paste assembly, repetitive procedures, and endless rounds of proofing. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Advancements in business proposal automation offer simple, innovative, and customizable solutions that decrease RFP completion times while increasing response quality and win rates.

Expedience Software is a leader in the field of business proposal automation software, giving organizations an evolved and innovative way to create professional, comprehensive, and winning proposals. While other conventional proposal software systems railroad proposal managers with complex, confusing tools that can introduce formatting and contextual errors, Expedience Software gives them control over their proposal process while encouraging strategy, innovation, and content tailoring within a familiar software environment. Instead of making a bad process faster, expedience enables proposal managers to search for the best content for a given situation.

“Our request for proposal software automates the repetitive tasks and eliminates errors so our customers can focus on the strategy of winning,” said Jason Anderson, VP of sales with Expedience Software. “Business-critical documents like RFPs can make or break a business plan, so our focus is on supporting our clients.”

Built as ribbons in Microsoft Word, Expedience Software provides proposal managers access to a curated library of their organization’s previously approved and formatted content. By reducing – and in some cases eliminating – the tedious tasks of searching for, manually pasting, and formatting content, Expedience Software reduces RFP completion time to meet tight deadlines and optimizes response quality to improve win rates. And, with seamless integration with the Office suite, proposal managers have the flexibility to customize content using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for maximum effectiveness. This reduces the overall cost of implementation and the learning curve for optimal use.

What truly sets Expedience Software apart is its ability to help organizations simplify, automate, and evolve the business-critical proposal creation process from many angles.

Expedience Software leaves our clients free to focus their efforts on the ‘why’ of their proposal rather than the ‘how’ of its creation.” – Jason Anderson, VP of Sales, Expedience Software

Rather than beginning with a blank document, proposal managers can choose to work directly within a prospect’s RFP document or start with an automated, preformatted, and customized template. Individual content records are easily searchable and can be inserted with a few keywords and clicks – no copy/paste necessary.

“Our clients’ business rests on these proposals, so our main goal is to minimize the time-consuming, tedious tasks associated with their creation,” said Anderson. “Expedience Software leaves our clients free to focus their efforts on the ‘why’ of their proposal rather than the ‘how’ of its creation.”

With Expedience, the turnaround time per proposal can be reduced by up to 80%, based on client testimony, creating a significant impact on proposal managers’ ability to respond quickly, reduce the cost per proposal, and even increase business.

“We are proposal people,” said Anderson. “We have assisted thousands of customers across various industries to solve the challenges associated with critical business development documents to win more business.”

With planned iterative upgrades to their core Microsoft Word system, Expedience has plans to enhance its Excel- and PowerPoint-based solutions and expand its collaboration and proposal management offerings.

According to Anderson, the Expedience Software “eliminates the late nights, deadline anxiety, and content errors to take the stress out of business-critical RFPs.”

Expedience Software

Amherst, NH

Jason Anderson, Vice President of Sales

Expedience Software is a software company that specializes in RFP and proposal automation tools. Its RFP and proposal automation software helps its users create timely and accurate RFPs and proposals using only one software platform. For over 25 years, Expedience has helped sales and proposal writers create highly-tailored, branded, persuasive proposals. The company offers tools such as Style Palette, Content Portfolio and a complete set of proposal automation tools to ensure that its users proposal documents are finished correctly with names, addresses, and other fields replaced appropriately

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