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Sam Waltz, Managing Director
Facts Matter!” is a cornerstone of the legal process, and it has been since the beginning of time.

“Facts” often are “events,” who did what, when, where, how, and why.

Quite often, though, they depend on the qualification, description, and attribution of a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Global Expert Network is one of America’s oldest and largest SME networks. Headquartered in Wilmington, DE, a block from the corporate headquarters of the DuPont Company, it was founded in 1985 by six scientists and engineers who were among the first generation ever to take “early-out” retirements from one of America’s greatest companies, founded 1802.

They were strategic senior-level science, engineering, and technical experts who felt each had 10-15-20 years’ runway of work opportunity in front of them that they wanted to continue.

“Founded then as, today rebranded in 2021 to Global Expert Network, the company has more than 1,500 Subject Matter Experts drawn from a variety of science, engineering, technical, financial, human capital, technology, business and other related disciplines,” said Sam Waltz, CEO and Managing Director of

Those SMEs are drawn from all 50 USA states and some 20 other countries. operates under a standard “arbitrage business model,” where its SMEs are under a noncircumvention contract (with confidentiality and non-disclosure terms) and sell their time to at “wholesale” rates. As in any business model, even law firms where attorneys and paralegals may be hired at $x with their time resold at $x+, provides a variety of services to both its SMEs and its Clients, to whom it sells its time at “retail.”

“About 40% of our work at is Expert Witness work,” said Waltz, “with the balance in the SME applications of science, engineering, life sciences, business planning, cybersecurity, and more.”

Waltz, not an attorney, comes by his background in the legal industry, honestly. A former political journalist, who cut his teeth as a statehouse Bureau Chief in Delaware, covering a young US Sen. Joe Biden in the 1970s, as well as the Governor and the General Assembly, in his corporate career at DuPont, Waltz worked for DuPont’s corporate general counsel.

The core part of the services he brought DuPont attorneys were issues and crisis management, litigation PR, regulatory affairs and government affairs, and more. He also took an early out as DuPont down-sized, starting his own firm in 1993.
Even today, law firms turn to him for counsel and services ranging from law firm practice growth to assistance on matters. In one recent case, a large regional firm’s client suffered embezzlement by a trusted long-time executive. The law firm navigated its client through a variety of issues, but it turned to Waltz and Expert-Nation. com to navigate the client through messaging and communications in a complicated issue that could have resulted in reputational harm to its client.

The firm and Waltz have earned national and global recognition. Waltz is a former elected global and national president of his External Affairs Industry’s professional society, akin to a local attorney heading the American Bar Association or a local MD heading the AMA. He’s both accredited by the society and elected a Fellow of it. In addition, he was honored in 2000 with its Silver Anvil for Public Affairs, its highest award, for a national Campaign to Vindicate the Scapegoated 1941 Pearl Harbor Commanders Adm. Kimmel and Gen. Short that resulted in 3 successful votes in Congress.

Waltz is a Vietnam-era Veteran of US Army CounterIntelligence, with BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois and Ph.D. coursework (no degree) in public affairs / public policy from the University of Delaware.

Founded then as CECON. com, today rebranded in 2021 to Expert-Nation. com Global Expert Network, the company has more than 1,500 Subject Matter Experts drawn from a variety of science, engineering, technical, financial, human capital, technology, business and other related disciplines

Given the insights from his national and global work, Waltz has actively moved Global Expert Network into other business areas, from DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) to ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance) to CyberSecurity, as well as the business functions where Subject Matter Experts have historically been harder to find, like finance, technology, strategy, and M&A.

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Wilmington, DE

Sam Waltz, Managing Director

Global Expert Network is a national and global leader in provisioning of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Strategic Consulting, a Vietnam-era US Army Veteran-owned 3rd Generation Family Business.

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