ExpertIG: Redefining Apps to Solve Challenging Business Problems

CIO VendorJim Cameron, Senior Partner
With over 20 years of SAP system and community experience, Jim Cameron wanted to address what he saw as the biggest need in the market—helping organizations apply smart technology to improve the way they do business. He founded ExpertIG, a SAP centric integration company in 2003 and continues to serve as a Senior Partner. ExpertIG has helped over 100 companies navigate through the noise created by technology trends - by selecting and implementing solutions that drive results and achieve strategic business goals.

ExpertIG is a SAP Mobile Application Development Partner who works closely with the SAP Mobile Team and the SAP Wholesale Distribution group. The company participates in SAP certification programs and educational workshops, including the SMP 3.0 workshop.

SAP’s Wholesale Distribution group has been helpful in their collaboration with ExpertIG. “Together, we crafted a strategy to address business issues in the Wholesale Distribution area by using mobile technology. Through that collaboration we reinforced our position as one of the top mobile SAP mobile partners by completing the first partner mobile app sale on the SAP Store,” says Cameron.

“Our number one goal is to create great apps and solve challenging business problems with the use of mobility”

The company drives innovation in Enterprise Mobility by disrupting the enterprise with novel mobility concepts and apps. ExpertIG’s solutions connect and extend SAP to the hands of employees and customers by utilizing innovative app designs that engage the mobile workforce and enhance customer experience.
Its capabilities span the full mobile experience creation from business scenario identification and front-end UX/UI design, all the way through app functionality and backend integration. ExpertIG offers a complete partner portfolio of ready to use applications and a well-staffed development team to build custom applications with seamless integration to SAP and other back end applications. Unlike solutions that require a heavy footprint inside firewalls, ExpertIG specializes in implementing cloud based solutions that reduce the complexity, cost and time to realize mobile solutions.Three of ExpertIG’s popular mobile app offerings include: myDeliveries, a full featured, truck-based Proof of Delivery application designed for the iPad; myOrders, an application in which customers can access their SAP order information through real time, color coded access to the full order header and detail information, including notifications on significant order events; myCustomers: a graphical dashboard that enables sales representatives to view their customer’s sales orders and to provide customers with quicker, more accurate order feedback. The apps work to solve a variety of business challenges and both myOrders and myDeliveries were chosen as finalists in past SAP mobile app challenges.

Some of ExpertIG’s cornerstone clients include Siemens, L’Oreal, Whirlpool, Philips and Monsanto. “Once we’ve established the context of the client’s needs, we work to identify the compelling business scenario to be addressed by mobility and from that point forward, we’re able to bring an app to market in a 10-12 week period,” exclaims Cameron.

In the coming days the company intends to expand its portfolio and launch the Mobile Apps 4 Charity program. Mobile Apps for Charity is an initiative that is co-sponsored between SAP and Exper tIG to transform the lives of people in need through the use of technology in charitable organizations.

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Jim Cameron, Senior Partner

ExpertIG Specializes in implementing cloud based solutions that will reduce the complexity, cost and time to realize your mobile solutions;enabling the right information at the right time in the right way to the right people

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