Exponea: Leveraging Cloud for Simplified Business Collaboration

Peter Irikovský, CEO
Peter Irikovský, CEO, Exponea reckons that there are more than 4000 marketing tools and marketing clouds in the market today, and on an average, each marketer uses 12 different tools daily. In this light, a comprehensive platform that delivers one-on-one customer experience and allows marketers to run, automate, and evaluate campaigns is exceptional. Identifying this gap, Exponea comes as a fully integrated marketing cloud, allowing customers to leverage the power of deep customer analysis for incredible business results.

Exponea covers the entire customer life-cycle, activating company-wide collaboration, and enabling clear attribution growth to various initiatives. The platform’s built in CRM and fully integrated approach enables all market use-cases to run in real-time for millions of customers. Uniquely this allows for 1:1 omni-channel personalized on-site interactions that happen in real-time, unlike most other solutions which can only respond in near real-time, often meaning hours. “We offer a 360-degree customer view, from completing the profile including every single interaction, enabling easy customer base management and maximization of customer lifetime value,” explains Irikovský. The platform equips marketers to raise conversion rates, and improve acquisition ROI within 8 weeks, guaranteed with 100 percent money back. Being the first Alexa voice controlled marketing cloud, Exponea truly democratize access to data, dashboards and customer insights.

Exponea enables over a hundred various marketing use-cases and adds a minimum of one new use-case every week. Experienced users of Exponea especially appreciate that almost all use-cases that they expect are possible as well as easily implementable. Moreover, its A/B test feature, complete with artificial intelligence capabilities, enables crystal clear attribution of value of various initiatives.

Exponea’s advanced analytics and real-time engagement automation capabilities originated from different industries.

Exponea is an end-to-end integrated solution, covering the entire customer life-cycle for the fashion e-commerce landscape

Being the marketing cloud built from scratch as an integrated platform through over 5 years of focused development, makes Exponea unique in the industry. Working with “everything is possible mantra” as Exponea is built as an open and easily customizable platform which is always ready for an impactful marketing automation use-case. The platform is a great value-for-money ratio as it has no legacy systems and everything is streamlined and optimized for maximum impact.

Since opening its doors, Exponea has assisted various organizations including Duke & Dexter, Aspinal, and kiwi.com. In one particular instance, Exponea assisted ZOOT, one of the fastest growing fashion e-commerce businesses in CEE for retaining customers who dropped out of the order funnel. In order to drive the customers back to finish their purchase, Exponea created a time-triggered email incentive. The solution helped Zoot to drastically improve their conversion rates to 20.13 percent.

Today, Exponea is in a voyage of building the world’s best marketing cloud, a unique service that will benefit all their customers, and their end-users. The firm’s main focus and expansion is going to be fashion e-commerce companies with geographical territory Western Europe, Australia and Latin America. “We learn by doing, improving and studying, striving to become experts in our core competencies. Our tool is shaping on a weekly basis and we are very proud we have very quick adaptation time to market needs,” concludes Irikovský.


London, UK

Peter Irikovský, CEO

Smart real-time marketing automation, advanced analytics, 360 degree CRM and practical A.I. capabilities brought together in one dream full-stack marketing cloud