ExpoTech: Catalyzing Successful SAP Implementations

As the CEO of ExpoTech, Rod Ghani keeps very busy. Working with numerous clients over SAP implementation in the manufacturing and re-manufacturing industry, Ghani observes a constant stream of challenges that clients face. He believes that the biggest pain point is convincing clients who have been working on a system for over twenty years to upgrade to SAP systems. It is crucial to present the benefits of the new system and enable smooth change management. “Change management is a huge aspect of the process as we are not only changing the technology but also transforming the company culturally—which is way more difficult than technology transition.” The shift also affects the global customer base of clients. Supporting clients in their transition, ExpoTech helps them to quickly and smoothly implement SAP systems to manage complex, long-term software projects by providing dedicated teams and services. The company has been serving the needs of numerous manufacturers for over two decades now preparing clients’ teams for change management by explaining them the perks of the new system in terms of cost savings and lesser pushbacks.

The company helps clients accomplish business goals through its three unique pillars—developing skills, optimizing processes, and deploying the technology. ExpoTech’s turnkey approach begins with pairing its teams with the client’s internal teams. Both the teams merge with each other and start working together helping client’s teams to develop their talent from day one. “This is our secret sauce; we make their internal teams work with us throughout the projects, so they get trained and are not dependant on us once we are done with the project,” says Ericka Monsivais, program director at ExpoTech. The company works toward optimizing processes for clients by analyzing their current processes and implements SAP standard processes to reduce development time and reconfiguration costs. In case of certain exceptions, the program manager, as well as the senior management, has to approve it. ExpoTech’s team of experts implement best practices specific to manufacturing and re-manufacturing industry combined with powerful and scalable SAP standards which will ensure newly realized business efficiencies while streamlining business and IT strategies. “We guide them through their processes by blending 90 percent SAP processes and 10 percent of their current processes.” The last pillar is focused on deploying technology in the client’s projects. With months of preparation, ExpoTech divides its deliverables into various subsets meaning there can be several go-lives that can be weeks apart.

This is our secret sauce; we make their internal teams work with us throughout the projects, so they get trained and are not dependant on us once we are done with the project

The company can work on the first go live and then shift to another one immediately allowing for numerous launches rather than a single launch. This methodology allows the company to fix things as they go without hindering the product launch.

ExpoTech also specializes in the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors, cloud-based human capital management software solutions using SaaS model. In fact, the company is a pioneer in implementing workforce with SuccessFactors with all its modules for three countries—Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

ExpoTech’s unique value proposition lies in its experienced team of professionals who have successfully carried out numerous end-to-end SAP projects. “We have invested in the quality and stability of our team. We have a team of senior professionals who are capable of running entire presentations at client place and answering their queries without any guidance,” says Ghani. Importantly, the company charges 30-40 percent less than its competitors and boasts of no change orders allowing the customers to know the cost of their entire project without any surprises.

With a global market presence, ExpoTech is all set to venture into online implementations allowing large companies to transition from their brick and mortar deep systems to cloud-based and e-commerce systems.


Phoenix, AZ

Rod Ghani, CEO and Ericka Monsivais, Program Director

Provides an experienced team to help organizations successfully implement SAP solutions by assisting them in developing skills, optimizing processes and deploying the technology