Express Maintenance: The Maintenance Brain of Facilities

Eric Wehmeyer, Executive Account Manager
Maintenance managers use multiple tools, like spreadsheets, task lists, and accounting software to organize and maintain a business’s lineup of physical assets and infrastructure.

However, this manual process is complicated and time-consuming. Most of these tools are not purposebuilt for asset maintenance and remain disconnected, making the work laborious and error-prone.

Express Maintenance solves this problem by streamlining all enterprise asset management (EAM) functions into one software. This consolidation allows managers to automate a preventive maintenance schedule for all their assets, making parts inventory management more proactive. Maintenance work always has a ring of urgency to it because any asset performance latency is associated with lost revenue. Express Maintenance’s well-thoughtout execution eliminates that feeling of emergency.

“We aim to connect the broken and discombobulated business systems and make Express Maintenance the brain of their maintenance operations,” says Eric Wehmeyer, executive account manager of Express Maintenance.

Another advantage of using Express Maintenance is its key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. Like any other department, the maintenance team must show how they are saving time and money while improving efficiencies and reducing downtime. Express Maintenance’s KPI reports provide managers with the right knowledge, tools, and resources to enable that. Equally notable is its ability to make audits smoother. Since all the assetinformation and records are stored in one centralized location, auditors are happy, and so are customers.

For non-maintenance personnel, Express Maintenance offers Express Requests to submit work orders when equipment breaks down.
This eliminates the chaos of responding to phone calls, text messages, emails, and radio calls, making maintenance managers feel more in control.

Numerous facilities are turning to Express Maintenance because its EAM software is both feature-rich and highly customizable. Users can easily tailor the dropdown fields to meet their unique business needs, instead of making their business fit the software’s limitations, which is the more common scenario in the industry.

Our aim is to help maintenance managers connect a bunch of broken and discombobulated business systems, and make Express Maintenance the brain of their maintenance operations

Express Maintenance’s EAM software also differentiates itself by steering away from the conventional modular approach. When clients purchase the EAM solution, they gain access to all its features, without anyfine print. This simplicity draws more clients to it.

Its versatile software isn’t the only attractive facet of Express Maintenance. Its team is known for its superior support services. It constantly works with clients, makes frequent discovery calls to understand their needs, and makes suggestions to improve their business systems. It is always available to clarify their doubts and educate them because it understands that moving from paper-based processes to a completely automated maintenance solution can be challenging.

The secret to unraveling these intricate details lies within Express Maintenance’s skilled team, comprising many maintenance personnel. Its EAM software is made for maintenance personnel by maintenance personnel. Thriving in the EAM domain for 25 years, Express Maintenance is keen to help more manufacturers worldwide develop, track, and improve their EAM strategies.

Express Maintenance

Tucson, AZ

Eric Wehmeyer, Executive Account Manager

Express Maintenance is a leading CMMS provider. While it comes with all the standard features, like maintenance scheduling, spare parts management, and asset management, what sets it apart is the flexibility and mobility to make the app truly custom

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