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Ramarao Garikapati, Founder & CEO
Achieving Risk and Compliance Readiness
Despite the crucial role played by cyber-security and data privacy functions in building trustworthy consumer relationships, companies in every industry have been gridlocked by a multitude of compliance regulations that could potentially slow down or halt growth altogether. Narrating the significance of risk management and compliance, Michael Ferris, CEO of Abacode, says, “Laws such as the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), New York SHIELD Act, FedRAMP, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are bringing non-compliant businesses to a standstill.”
Though numerous vendors have entered the market in an attempt to help companies overcome this daunting task, their efforts have remained futile owing to the lack of a complete solution that addresses these myriads of requirements. This predicament challenges the leadership panel of mid-market organizations to find a partner that can not only provide specific guidance and strategic avenues for business excellence but also implement the regulatory controls necessary to meet third-party audits requirements, attestation or assessments. Addressing these vital business prerequisites, Abacode stands tall as a beacon of light that guides organizations through complicated regulatory processes and prepares them to be compliant with the necessary business requirements.
Abacode serves as a trusted partner for clients in consolidating their cybersecurity and compliance needs under one roof. The company facilitates compliance road-mapping, policy and procedure documentation, and products and service implementations while functioning as a liaison between the client and third-party auditors. “Our highest value is being able to consolidate and manage our clients’ entire cybersecurity and compliance program under one roof,” continues Ferris. He goes on to add that companies need a go-to partner that can help them implement a holistic program and make sure that the business maintains the necessary compliance requirements on an ongoing basis. It also ensures that technical and non-technical leadership can make unbiased strategic decisions, which often save clients both time and resources.
Born out of the boardroom, Abacode is built to solve enterprise-wide cybersecurity and compliance issues, which is of utmost importance to the C-suite and Board of Directors. “Our product-agnostic enterprise approach nurtures the much-needed risk awareness among leadership teams and addresses risks from a business standpoint first, and technology second,” elaborates Ferris when discussing the company’s services.
Abacode’s programmatic platform and its holistic approach to risk management enable the company to work closely with clients and determine the number of regulations they would need to be compliant with. As a one-stop-shop for compliance readiness and implementation needs, Abacode provides clients with complete visibility over their workflow. “Our stance toward addressing business maturity from a compliance standpoint does not change, irrespective of whether a company is required to meet a particular compliance standard at this moment or not,” says Ferris. He adds, “Organizations that aren’t required to meet a particular standard today will eventually need to at some point in time.” True to the CEO’s words, all of Abacode’s clients are placed into a maturity model where a snapshot of their entire enterprise’s risk and compliance profile is obtained. Using this data, Abacode helps identify regulatory requirements and creates a roadmap that lays out the plan ahead, implements the necessary protocols and services, and manages the ongoing program to attain and maintain complete compliance.
All regulatory compliance standards such as CCPA, GDPR, FedRAMP, ISO27001, NIST, HIPAA, SOC2, NY Shield Act, and others are fed into Abacode’s Security Operations Center, which provides 24/7 Management Detection and Response in real-time. Armed with the technology stack to comply with these regulations effectively, Abacode transforms the manner in which organizations implement and manage cybersecurity and compliance programs in the enterprise marketplace today.

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Ramarao Garikapati, Founder & CEO

ExTech Ideas is a digital workforce innovation company focusing specifically on digital transformation in the industrial manufacturing sector. ExTech Ideas maintains the agility and culture of a startup to bring fresh, action-biased mindsets to the table. This enables clients to see the benefits of their investments in months, as opposed to the traditional, lengthy and expensive digital transformation programs that may deliver value in years. ExTech Ideas’ value proposition has enabled the company to carve a unique niche in the space, helping them earn several reputed clients

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