ExteNet Systems: Distributed Networks to Enhance the End User Experience

CIO VendorRoss Manire President, Co-founder & CEO
Today’s digital communication needs are highly personalized, often continuous, and increasingly multi-media based. This coupled with the abundance and growing sophistication of smartphones, tablets, and other devices, is dramatically increasing the load on wireless networks. And as we look toward the future and 5G-based wireless services, there is no end in sight to the growing traffic demands to be supported by these networks.

At the forefront of addressing this challenge is ExteNet Systems, a leader in delivering turnkey distributed network solutions enabling wireless service providers to deliver a high-quality experience to their users across indoor and outdoor environments. With proven expertise and experience in the development of distributed networks, ExteNet Systems provides innovative solutions to network densification needs by designing, building, operating and owning these advanced wireless solutions.

“We offer a proven and flexible approach to solve the network densification needs of our customers,” said Ross Manire, president, co-founder and CEO, ExteNet Systems. “It’s well published that the data load on legacy macro networks is up more than 50,000 percent since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. As a result, it’s clear that wireless network architectures have to go through modifications and investments to properly accommodate the increased traffic load today and in the future.”

ExteNet’s customers include all U.S. national and regional wireless carriers, as well as enterprises across Class A real estate, hospitality, healthcare and sports and entertainment, which increasingly depend on these solutions to meet users’ connectivity needs.

As a testament to ExteNet’s expertise, it was selected to design, deploy, and operate a major network solution in one of America’s most iconic structures – the Empire State Building. The solution provides tenants and their guests advanced mobile connectivity by delivering reliable 4G LTE services throughout the 100+ floors of the 2.9 million square-foot facility. The deployment utilizes strategically-placed network nodes and discrete antennas, accommodating the diverse needs of the building tenants.
ExteNet entered this space more than 10 years ago. Manire added, “We continue to leverage our heritage and strong expertise in wireless infrastructure to deliver value-added solutions and services to customers.”

The company’s roadmap is centered on delivering innovative offerings for wireless carriers and the enterprises they serve. For example, ExteNet’s latest advancement being rolled out to select carriers is a software defined network (SDN) solution to facilitate the deployment and operation of what it refers to as “Networks-within-Networks.” The solution, known as mNET®, is a highly flexible and scalable 3GPP compliant Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that can be centralized, distributed and/or virtualized to meet the 4G LTE deployment needs of carriers, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or large enterprises in either a greenfield or brownfield environment.

“Network capacity is an ongoing challenge for the wireless industry,” said Manire. “By the end of 2014 we saw smartphone penetration in the U.S. hit 75 percent, Facebook top 1 billion mobile users and select demographics now spending more time online via mobile devices versus using a laptop or PC. As people continue to rely on mobile devices for many aspects of their daily routines, having a solution that addresses these needs is critical to improving the quality of their online experience.”

We offer a proven and flexible approach to solve the network densification needs of our customers

ExteNet is driving the evolution of distributed networks by staying focused on the components necessary to deliver a superior experience. Manire added, “We’re continually collaborating with the carriers and thinking of new and unique ways to solve these challenges. We remain agile, advancing solutions for tomorrow while meeting the demands of today.”

ExteNet Systems

Lisle, IL

Ross Manire President, Co-founder & CEO

ExteNet Systems is a network infrastructure company that designs, builds, owns and operates distributed networks to enhance service coverage, network capacity, and wireless service outdoors and inside buildings.