Osamu Ikeda, CEO
Color is an integral component of artistry as it defines the way one experiences the world. A minor flaw in the shade can negatively impact a product, impacting the revenue stream and business-customer relationships of a company. Especially for companies in the textile, photography, and design industry, the consequences of color mismanagement can be damaging. Therefore, it is imperative that the colors chosen are in sync with customer expectations, and meet the quality standards. Addressing the challenges of color management is New Jersey-based Datacolor that offers color management instruments, software, and services for companies and artists alike. With Datacolor, clients can achieve 100 percent accuracy in selecting the color of materials, images, and products. The firm’s color management solutions are trusted by creative professionals, enthusiasts, and industries at large, for their ability to deliver the right color experience.

With speed-to-market being the driving force in the fashion and apparel industry today, Datacolor’s solutions hit the bull’s bye by eliminating the need to spend valuable time in developing and matching colors. Every day, the company’s dedicated teams interact and collaborate with internal and external teams to advance the ways of orchestrating innovative solutions. Replacing the human eye with a color measurement device allows the assessment of color to be consistent, and makes it independent of individual interpretation.

With speed-to-market being the driving force in the fashion and apparel industry today, Datacolor’s solutions hits the bull’s bye by eliminating the need to spend valuable time in developing and matching colors

Datacolor offers a wide array of products, including Match Pigment 4 and ColorReader to name a few. Designed for professionals operating in paint and plastic industries, Match Pigment 4 aids artists in achieving the desired color confidently and effortlessly. On the other hand, ColorReader identifies and matches a paint color to the preference of clients, quickly. Functionally, ColorReader identifies the colors of paint and objects anywhere, and then substitutes that with similar colors while managing the color palettes systematically. In a nutshell, the unique SmartMatch technology reduces the need for physical matches and improves the match rates by up to 80 percent. For photographers and creative professionals, Datacolor also offers calibration tools to ensure accurate color, both on screen as well as in print.

Having served a bevy of industries for over 45 years, Datacolor has achieved a proven track record of delivering highly accurate color instruments and software to its global customers, while having raised the bar for its competitors. The color management solutions measure any product or material, and accurately measures, for instance, the most complicated animal patterns on apparel products to lace patterns and wood. The digital color management solution gives artists a compelling vision to achieve enhanced quality, streamlined processes, and more importantly speed to market. The unique feature of the color management solution includes “digital color sharing” that ensures all the stakeholders involved remain on the same page.

To enhance the scope of its solutions, Datacolor has recently introduced SpyderX, a state-of-the-art color calibration tool for desktop monitors. Specifically, the device is designed to achieve low-light photography, and increased color accuracy, which gives creative artists the confidence to make the best outcome.

Datacolor’s partnership with Color Solutions International, a provider of color standards and communication tools for the apparel and textile industry, is a testament to its aspiration for revamping and evolving its solutions continuously. By leveraging Datacolor’s portable color measurement device—ColorReaderPRO— fashion brands and labels can accurately identify and select a color from a wide array of libraries.


Portland, OR

Osamu Ikeda, CEO

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